Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bury the Worries in Wishes the Best

I remember the turning point of a woman’s life against her ambition that she embraced whole heartedly for long. She had numerous ambitions enormous in size, from the childhood itself. She wandered in a dreamland full of greenery and scenery playing in the field  catching fish in bath-towels. Yet her mind also lived in a world of  pomp and show. Just like any other child, she had spontaneous aspirations in plenty.  The first of her ambitions in the school age was to be a teacher, since only a teacher can be or will be the role-model of a school student. 

 As her brain and brawn grew up, her desire also augmented in size. Moreover her ambition passed through a series of metamorphoses, as it went on changing from situation to situation.  Her motto  differed, when she stepped into the campus of a college. In the college the grandeur of  the Botanical Garden with its flowers, fruits and fragrance caught her attention and fascinated her in high degree. So she thought of being a part of the flora and fauna of the college by occupying a seat of the lecture post. As time went on her yearning further amplified and conquered wide space in the horizon of desire. It flew in the vast sky without any nest for rest. It reached even the state of greed for amassing recognition. When once her maturity made her understand that all those feelings were mere folly, found usually in babyhood and teens, she experienced no difficulty in stepping down to reality. Hence no worries haunted her and all such undue wishes were buried in some other feasible plans. This female is none other than the one who scribbles these sentences.

 Why I narrated this story because the subject on which I would like to speak is ‘Worries and Wishes.’ I think wishes or hopes are the best blotting paper to absorb one’s miseries.
“Life is full of miseries. Desire is the cause of miseries. When you conquer desire, you will achieve happiness.” These sacred words jumped into the material world from the holy thoughts of Sri. Buddha. Well, only the Sri Buddha, a super human or people like Him, who have renounced the worldly life, can pronounce such ideals. If  the entire  human beings take a pavement, where the desire is immaterial, the total appearance of the Globe will be different. It would be just like ‘Maveli Nadu’. The question is how many of you  can exactly follow his principles. Very less or practically nil we can say.
Worries  approach you in varying intensity and density. They cause discomfort to the person concerned. Worries are microbes that eat away your peace of mind and physical health. They put you in qualms, hardships, anxiety,  uneasiness, sleeplessness, distress and even hatred towards things and people around  you. They may also put you on bed. Some people worry for no reasons.Worries may be of ‘worry for worry sake’, real worry and standby worry(a mask to escape from something). Worries make you deprived of many a thing, as it steels away your attention from the surroundings. Worries keep you away from attainments and achievements. Success  will be a  far-off dream. Worry means no desire, no desire means no pains and no pains mean no gains. Without pains and gains the world itself would look barren and it won’t be able to host and maintain the inhabitants.

Is there any remedy to overcome the worries? Of course, desire or wish is the best remedy to worries. Life without a desire will be a desert without an oasis.  
Nevertheless  desire executes miracles in people’s lives. When it touches the bed-ridden with its wings, the latter might jump on to his limbs. At the credible presence of hope or wish even the distressed ones bear an open laughter on the face. Dream and desire only determines one’s destiny. Hope or wish for achievement twists the nature of stingy to spendthrift, cruel to kind, lazy to hardworking, atheist to staunch believer and the like.Everyday you awake with a fresh hope of trial and favorable result. Even the lovers strive through objections and restrictions on the basis of hope only. It may even embolden them for an elopement. That extent is equivalent to greed,which should be avoided at any cost. Hope or ambition only leads you, guides you and drives you from disappointment.

 Desirable desire is essential, but greed is never a need. Rather it is a dangerous affair that hoards troubles for the bearer. At the same time the dearth of longing for something allows idleness, suicide, hatred, deceit, murder, destruction and all such atrocities to take place in the society and perform a ‘Thandava’. So why should you worry and make others worry? Utilize the time taken for anxiety to be in company with some creativity and that may earn you name and fame and currency and contentment. You can also form a band  with the inmates of woods, nests and nature to whisper and murmur to them your anxieties. Visiting an intimate person or traveling to a place of choice also diminishes your sorrows. Aspire for achievements, try for fulfillment of ambitions, keep great wishes and dream deep. You will own a mind devoid of the filth of jealousy, timidness ,inferiority and all such evils. Have thoughts of positive tint, so that positive vibes may nullify the negatives. Therefore you bury the worries in wishes the best or else the worries will burry you in darkness or solitude.



  1. I think wishes or hopes are the best blotting paper to absorb one’s miseries.

    Loved these lines....truly touching!