Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Teacher’s Day- in and out!


The clock- cock crows ‘ding-dong’
The eyeballs like football ‘roll-roll’
The leg-wings carry the body to kitchen
The kitchen door opens wide with a ‘bur.’

 The feet of the teacher touch no floor,
 For they be the first seed tennis players.
 From kitchen and store to the storage cold
 The teacher dances a ’Kutchipudi’ wonderful.

 The time when turns eight in the morning,
The meals get arranged ready on the dining.
One likes ‘Dossa’,one likes ‘Idli’, another yet
Has no compromise without ‘chappatis’ hot.

Pulling the  bag from the stand at the top
The teacher carries her body on toes to the stop.
The ‘ton-ton’ of first bell receives the teacher
And the ‘lub-dub’of her heart goes unnoticed.

The hubbub of children opens a Pandora ’s Box;
The key of her sweet words closes well the box.l.
Here comes God the ‘student- centric ’learning
To adopt in teaching, modern methods and modes.

What does the producer mean by the means?
The God even knows not the exact sense.
Implement the authorities their fanciful thoughts
With linking them no way to meaningful learning.

The teachers are just like the blind men four.
Some say,” It is the trunk of the elephant,
 ‘No-no’ another says,” It is the tail so long”.
Others opine , “Winnowing ears or pillar like legs.”

Takes the teacher a mould in hand
To shape the young ones present in class.
The body forms a simple pendulum that
Oscillates up and down and left and right.

Extra-work is the gratuity
That greets the teacher in activity
From up hang the do’s and don’ts 
And can’t she follow, her will and wit.

As her head is meddled with hell and heaven
The clock strikes  the strokes of relief 
No doubt, a teacher, she is, in soul and spirit
And so is visible in school, her zeal and zest.

 The hour of three takes off her body flight
And at the land of her home , promptly it lands.
The body seeks the kitchen corner
To see the completion of the day’s work full.

Ten is the time when she is near mother ‘Sleep’
And  mother ‘Sleep’ fondles her keeping her in lap.
“Oh ! God if you grant me a birth another,”prays she,
 “Make me sure a state government teacher.”





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