Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Man in the Desert


A man in the city
Thought people’s cupidity.
He thought to burke it.
He swore, he went away
With the hell of dependency.

He walked the upward slope
Until the woods nearby.
Rested under trees for a while.
But animals, some with their pile
Went howling unworried.
And birds in their style
Went flying unhindered.
He thought the woods unsafe
He thought to burke it.
He swore , he went away
With the hell of. dependency.

He walked the onward slope
Until the deserts beyond
To await the pleasure of blazing sun.
But alas! To know him abandoned
As no man in his age
Would like to change a page.
He went back to the city
When reality dawned
That no man in human
Would prefer a lone ring.
As in the city, the throng
In the woods, our nature
In the desert, the sand
Are lonely paths unheeded.

Preetha Nair



  1. Nice post...enjoyed reading it!

  2. thank you.this is my niece who is no more.

    1. Oh...thats really sad to hear.. May her soul rest in peace.

      Hugs to you....