Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Admission

                                A Mini-story 


The couple walked off  to the bed from the sit-out,  where they had a discussion about their baby’s admission in the best school of that locality. They took a decision of very firm nature.

The on-set of dawn awakened the couple, who left the bed delightfully because they were going to move towards the authorities of the school. The wife’s body formed a digital machine to complete her catering and the other domestics second by second.. The hose-pipe jumped into the spouse’s hand and cleaned their four-wheeler.

Telephonic information  reached both the offices to lessen one-day-leave each. Finding themselves in the most gorgeous dress of theirs, they made their exit out of their shelter.. Their limbs co-operated with their needs, as the wife’s hands opened the gate and the husband’s hands flew the vehicle on the wheels. Both spun the threads of ambition about their kid’s prospects and weaved the dreams to the sky,where the sun was the notary to attest the wishes..

“What will be the response from the principal?”
 “Oh! In affirmation only because they have called for furnishing the admission-form. We are much early too for the procedures.” merrily chatted both.
 “Priority of application will definitely be looked into,” they were confident.
Over enthusiasm didn't allow them to think of even the eligibility of the baby and the possibility of admission. 

The traffic signal alerted them and they were at a junction. The Educational Trust is in possession of      two schools, titled at the highest peak of reputation. Both the schools were practically the same  in all the activities.
 “Which direction will we go to?” the wife.
 “Now we can proceed straight only,” the husband.
 “Okay we will approach the principal of the ‘Lotus’ school,” the wife

“Please be seated. What can I do for you ?” the principal.
 “Admission of our little one.,”  Both jointly.
 “Haven’t you brought the child ? Where is it?” the principal.
“Sir, er….er… the child is ...the child ... in the womb. By the time it reaches four years, admission will be a big impediment.”

The principal’s expression was inexplicable and wonder-filled.


  1. That is a good one. Unexpected ending. If what you wrote is really true, Thank God we do not have to go through this.

  2. thank you, SG. Actually I depicted the difficulties of school admission and parents worries.

  3. true in today's conditions...

  4. very true.. I have actually heard people going through this!

  5. Oops…my expression is also like the principal’s :D Admission in a good school is a difficult task these days. Nicely written :)