Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Certain Wise or Unwise Whys!

Many a time and oft certain whys emerge from my mind and they fade away unravelled(not because of the emergence of the ‘Kolavery, even much before that) . These whys are wise or unwise, I exactly don’t know to express the fact. Of course, you may extract something paradoxical from this article.  As they come into your sight ,find the  ‘that is why….’ for these whys. Here they are….

1. WHY did the primordial man leave his natural refuge of his wild life?

  Hadn’t he evolved from his savage stage to the modern sapient  homos, he could have freely moved without any planning and preparation. He wouldn’t have built any fortification. He could have taken any natural haven like caves or burrows for his comfortable sleep. Tension and attention to anything of his life would have remained far-far away. He wouldn’t have been familiar with any sort of  fright. No lingering about the yester-years, no botheration about his tomorrows, might be both sweet and bitter; no responsibility of his offspring and no liability for his family.  All members followed an identical life style and so no strenuous labour and no stress feeling to achieve any goal.  Altogether his was a life full of gaiety. Then there may arise a question ‘what if the population amplifies and resources don’t’. Nil problem, since natural calamities and wild beasts will see to the population planning. Devastation will occupy the  atmosphere and so the environment will maintain its own balance.

2.WHY did he discover agriculture?

If at all a residence is raised, the nonexistence of agriculture wouldn’t have necessitated him to put in a lot of labour for converting the land to be conducive. Ploughing, sowing, weeding, watering and manuring to nurture the crops may eat away his health and mental peace. There would have been no need for protection of cultivation from man, beasts, pests, insects; no search for other hands for cutting ,carrying, threshing, winnowing etc. during harvest. He could have walked and worked in his own innate ways. Eating fruits and roots to extinguish the hunger and drinking nature’s water and  natural juice to quench the thirst would have been the systems for his metabolic purposes. If the climatic conditions turn adverse, the yield would become inversely proportional to the desire.

3.WHY did he introduce cooking in his life?

If at all he goes for cultivation of land ,the absence  of cooking would have facilitated him a lot in pecuniary and physical terms. Cooking becomes a burden for the two-legged female domestic animal that runs and rushes with the raw items in the kitchen. Had he not noticed the occurrence of fire, the humans’ food channel and its attached parts would have acquainted with the fresh food sources. No cleaning, no cutting, no chopping , no boiling ,no steaming ,no frying aha! How lovely to have saved time. The experience of consuming cooked food makes feel that it is tangy. Otherwise natural fresh food items would have been  refreshing.

4.WHY did he institutionalize education?

Without formal education prevalence of equality amongst man’s fellow occupants on earth would have been a reality.. No worry of curriculum, books, home work, fees, exam- result etc. resulting in anxiety and fear would be felt. No fret of qualification and higher education he would have thought of. Knowledge will occupy its throne in man’s mind through the way of experience and acquaintance. History, philosophy, various branches of science, formal math and the like wouldn’t have been born at all on this earth  Only spoken language would have occupied its regime. Even otherwise now also all do not have the awareness of every learning process on the globe. Nothing happens to those who are ignorant of certain areas.
5.WHY did he start  competing and contesting with the equals of himself?

Had he not indulged in competitions, there wouldn’t have been words like ‘envy, challenge, adventure, goal-setting, argument, dispute, debate, fight, greed, murder, deceiving, vengeance and so on and so on .Had he gone for his own choicest skill, everything would have turned and been turned fine. Things would have attained a natural and smooth direction to move about.

 Yet again a procession of ‘Whys’ about modern amenities, facilities, luxuries and other life patterns raise their attention-catching hands and if I go on reciprocating, the procession will possess no end. Again I feel that had we been in our primal age, this earth would have been an ‘Eden’. Nature’s ‘gift’ the greatest of all gifts is invaluable and inexplicable. Let’s enjoy its preciousness with full spirit.


  1. Asking why is very wise. It’s critical to almost any decision making, planning or brainstorming activity.

    1. Thank you for the comment.Nice to hear that 'why' is wise.

  2. A very thought provoking post.. I also have lot of whys which somehow remain unanswered!

    BTW Why this Kolaveri was one amazing"WHY" question!! :D

  3. Thank you ,me.Actually even before the amazing 'Kolavery',a series of whys passed through my mind.