Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Do and Delay Never

SHE! I don’t know if SHE is a friend or enemy of yours. One thing I know is that SHE remains in the company of all of you. People of all kind young and old, all categories male and female, all breed black and white, all type oriental and occidental and all phase rich and poor hug HER without any hesitation.

Let’s visit Radhika’s abode, where SHE is a frequent visitor and therefore Radhika  is a person of postponement. The damage that  triumphs in Radhika’s life remains prominent. She has to run and rush for conveyance to the work-venue, bear with derogatory  experience, lose the place in the forefront and the like.

 When coming to Nitesh, whenever his mother asks him to lend a hand, he plainly refuses, as he obeys the command from HER only. Here Radhika is affluent in the pecuniary area whereas Nitesh  is not so comfortable. In spite of your property or poverty SHE sucks your success.

From the paradigms quoted here one can observe that HER influence amongst you is  very conspicuous. The day-today life of  your young children is loaded with countless activities now- adays. They have to be busy with their academics like school going, homework, project work, preparation for examination etc. Many of them set out of the house for the training of ‘fine arts’ such as music, dance, painting and so on. And more over some of them have to allocate some time for  other kind of aesthetics also. In such demanding conditions SHE would definitely catch hold of them and they grab hold of HER company. Then what  happens is they cling on to HER, for they are reluctant to separate themselves from HER. The little ones when get up from the bed, SHE in a pampering and patting way whispers in their auditory organs not to leave the bed. Result they become far on for routines to be ready for  school.
Even the grown-up males among you also in the same way fall victim into HER hands that direct them to problems and troubles. SHE may follow  those individuals in all their actions that ensue and to all the places they visit. As a result the punctuality which is a by-product of discipline may vanish. Accomplishment of the destined work in various areas may evaporate and that may discolour the impressions created by them. Opportunities may dessert them causing  defects and  defeats. They may be at failure  for growth and  gains a lot. Destiny may oust them from its course of reaching the goal. The harm SHE brings to a person’s  life may be enormous and huge. But still he becomes rarely aware of the injury that transpires due to HER devilish presence.

Females of your group also escape not from the magic influence of HERS. At times they also exhibit and express their reluctance to keep themselves away from HER wicked orders. They show signs of delay in their cuisines, households and even office-work. A locale in which feminine actions are at pat, is the cosmetic and that too may remain at flaws provided SHE is with them .Later they may realize the difficulties, but still SHE has a charm  to hold tightly the individuals in HER  grip.

You all experience or enjoy HER presence willingly or unwillingly .If you forcibly shed HER presence you can carry out  wonders bagging achievements. SHE has numerous attachments to her credit such as delay, dismissal, negligence, procrastination, laxity etc. Unlike the males(not all) the females sometimes drive her away and come into sudden action. Habit that rules over your schedules is HER intimate friend. You are very font of both of them, as you express  reluctance to part  with them .Despite your masculinity or femininity if you vivaciously discard  her presence and cultivate promptness in your habits, you can reap a harvest of gold.

 Have you come across her identity? Yes, you might have by now. SHE is your redundant sibling  the’ Laziness’. SHE has pet names also like idleness, lethargy, sluggishness etc.’. If you don’t want to part with that negative aspect of your nature, lethargy will chase you out of success.

“To forget is a crime(if purposeful only, I feel so).
To be lazy is a greater crime .
To neglect duty and offer excuses is the greatest crime.
Action without delay is the soul of efficiency.”



  1. Oh yes. She is my constant companion. I have a special pet name for her. Do-nothingness.

    1. Thank you, SG. Even I fall prey to her quite often.

  2. Superb post!!

    Laziness is something I wish I could do away with permanently but...she loves me a lot :)

    1. Thank you,Me.Yes,she embraces everyone.I know idleness and idealism are rivals.

    2. Nice thoughts. I am very close to "Time", and he sees to it that I do not idle my time away, well not as much as I see others doing. Being committed to time is very important to me.
      Can you please remove the word verification, but still keep the comments moderation, to keep out any
      spam? That would really help people who visit your blogs.

    3. Thank you very much for the comment .You deserve the title 'Reliable Personality' when you don't idle your time away.Nice to hear that. I've removed 'word verification' setting.Thanks for the information.