Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Evergreen


The evergreen young lady,  the ‘Nature’,
In her young-looking age, she did  cheer.
At very early dawn, she left her soft bed
Rubbing the eyes  and scratching the head.

 After a dip in the morning’s drizzling drops,
 Her stunning blue sky- sari, she wore.
The Divine Mark of rainbow, she adorned,
With its many-hue on her forehead.

She lit the lamp of sacred nature
And kept in the east to see its stature.
Awakened she, her offspring, all
And them she launched for routine’s call.

 And the wicks of lamp she lit in east
 Did she pull to provide more light.
 And so can one sense the things very bright
And plan his acts, adding his insight.
 Swift she moved to the wind-fan’s board
And the fan for the cool, on she switched.                         
Wind very burly blew on surroundings
Holding in its wings the light-weight things.

 There banged the ensemble, the thunder
 Lightning added too its luster.
Birds chirped, peacock danced
And Linnet, a covert tune, crooned   

The hair of the lady, the flora’s leaves
Swam and swayed from right to left.
Nature’s own lover the time- master
Bestowed without fail on her, his care.

Hap we definitely own in  plenty,
As, her aid a lot, on us, she places.
 Entices us she in a great deal
And her splendor should never go dull.

Let not anyone destroy her sanctity
And let, hang around, everyone her serenity.  
Uphold her valor vigorous, to have her yonder.
Pray and prostrate before the God to have her for ever.




  1. Replies
    1. Thank you very much though I desire ,but I don't deserve it that extent.

  2. I agree with SG sarala...this one is a masterpiece... you have written it beautifully!!!!

    Loved it

    1. Thank you very much.The Nature is such a fascinating lady, who lulls her kids always in lap.

  3. I liked the empathy and the feeling that made you attempt this.