Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Water! Water!

Detached the boat from the peg,
      the boat driver
  And slowly he pushed the boat
     to the water.
The people to  take delight
    in the boat
Had with them their
    choicest bottle.

The glee- seekers rocked and rolled
       in merriment.
They twisted and  rock-n-rolled
with bottles in hand.
 Water outside the vessel 
 and water inside the   stomach
 made them sing and dance
       and yell and howl.
  The females made their hands
            and mouths busy
And boasted of their husbands’
And the kids’ corner, in games,
         was very lively
With zeal and zest that gushed
        through actively.

The poor boatman with no sound
noted the things behind.
What will travel through
         him in his mind,
       of comparison,
     all those
        or what else?

 Nodded he sure
       in negative for
 the invitation to join
while the interval fell for a while.
 “I don’t drink, for three souls
       Two school-going
and one home-keeping
  rely on my healthiness.”

Didn't turn he his face
towards the inviter and hence
was   his feeling unreadable
   and incomprehensible.
   “So I am wealthy in health
and you are healthy in wealth
     and not vice versa,.”
said he in bold voice..



  1. Very well said. Inviting the boat driver to drink while on duty is foolish. The boat driver made the right decision, for his family's sake and for the sake of the passengers.

    1. Thank you,SG. One may lose a small part of their sense at that stage.Imagination only.

  2. courageous for him to say no..and foolish on the part of passengers to offer..

    1. Thank you,Renu. It is natural to be foolish if drunken.

  3. Happy Diwali Sarala to you and your family.

    (Wanted to send a e-greetings. But do not know your email address.)

  4. Thank you.Wish you too a pleasant Diwali.