Saturday, February 9, 2013

An Encounter

Story so far:  Kishore, a tenth std. boy meets a stranger in the temple. In spite of his mother's warning against having company with unfamiliar persons, some spirit urges this obedient boy to interact with him.One day his mother decides to visit the temple.  Now pl. read .....


 A few days took leave of them. No notable events took shape there. That day As usual Vasanta proceeded to the office and Kishore got engaged in  his own world of movements to pass the time. Suddenly he thought of his favourite Deity, he turned on his toes, took a dip in water and advanced to the place of worship.

While taking holy rounds, he once more came across that affable countenance of Hariprasad. Hariprasad trod softly around to meet that boy again whom he had met  somewhat a fortnight ago. The locomotion of the boy directed him to the man who lurked for him. The boy, Kishore couldn’t help countenancing the man, Hariprasad, although some spirit in his inner conscience  tried to avert him.

“I’m sorry, uncle, I couldn’t respond to you, when you asked me something that day. Actually  I was in a flurry of my tenth exam.” Kishore’s  words rumbled with a culpable feeling.
“Okay, child, have you been through the exam well?” Hariprasad.
“I suppose so. After a biweekly period I’ll come to know my position in that. ”replied the boy.
“Do you visit the temple every day?” Hariprasad.
“Not everyday,  but very  recurrently I do,”  Kishore.
“And tomorrow will you come?” Hariprasad
“I shall, I shall, ”Kishore.
He didn't know what made him say so.
“Meet you tomorrow. I’m already late, I have to rush to the office,” Hariprasad quit the place in an urgency.

A genus of glee encased him and he fell into a spell. “ He is not a rogue or a rowdy as amma frets. He seems to be a gentleman and an alien  individual to this place and he wants to make himself known to a few people. He might have observed a kind of genial person in me,” his thoughts encircled that man.

And he resumed his habitual schedules putting that episode out of his mind. In the evening when amma made her presence herself at the abode of home, the son was in a fix whether to unfurl the chapter  which mother didn't like at all .Being close to his dearly loved mother’s heart, Kishore couldn't conceal  anything from her. At the mentioning of his name some apprehensive suspicious expression appeared on her visage. Then she scolded herself and cleared the doubt, “I fill unwanted litters in my mind to spoil the tranquility.” Still the mind wavered, as mind has a tendency to fluctuate in thought process. 

Anyway the following day dawned with a decision from her side to visit the temple along with her son. She left her bed earlier than usual and made things all set and got ready for temple. Even in front of the Divinity her mind made some sort of rumpus to affect her calmness. The man was found nowhere and hence both the son and mother tiptoed forward. While crossing the road to the other side, Kishore noticed his new friend waiting at the other end of the zebra- crossing. As the images of Kishore and his mother had fallen into the visual organs of Hariprasad, his legs hesitated to progress ahead in gait..

On reaching the other side a voice that articulated Vasanta in a spongy tone, welcomed them. She guided her vision to the source of the sound. Slowly the reaction turned furious and eventually it became unfathomable. She flushed crimson with resentment.  Kishore was taken aback at this behavior of hers at an unfamiliar person. “Her concern in big volume towards me might have persuaded her,”  suddenly his mind reasoned out. “I am highly precious for her.”

Fast she walked past him and asked Kishore in a loud voice  to join her. Arriving at the habitat Vasanta flung to her easy chair and easily slithered into deep thoughts. A few seconds retained her there itself. Bidding adieu to the chair she positioned herself rapidly back to her legs for want of time. She had to vacate herself from that scene. A grin, might be non-natural spread on her face and she lost into the daily schedules.

sarala                                                                                       [ to be contd.] 



  1. Waiting to read the next.You are testing our patienceby stopping at interesting situations

  2. Thank you, Parthasarathi. The delay is only because of time constraint.