Monday, February 25, 2013

The Venerable Visage

 This visage venerable Oh!
From the direction east
 Smiles at the side other, 
Your honour,
 The vacuum your absence creates,
 The daytime cannot tolerate.

As the most beloved, you erase
The gloom of the green lady, 
 The creatures under your haven
From you, enjoy enchantment.
As the friend of the universe wide
You provide light very bright.

The lives of leaves and branches
Of plants,bag from you  vigour.
You maintain and mind much
Things in the world you view 
With a view to showering on terrain
Luster in copious measures.
The muddy girl, the virgin Lotus
Observes penance in perfect hush.
Blowing apart her meditation
Like a newly-blown rose
She blushes in your warmth,
At the time you emerge in the sky.

Hides you, the black beauty Night,
Behind her thick dense hair
 You then  cuddle her tight
In much delight of yours
And she does melt and dissolve
With joy lots, and bliss, in you.

Dew drop pretty, bashfully blinks
 And bats fast her eyelids daringly.
You in return makes her go red and
Paints her in your spectrum fine
 And she turns good and gorgeous definite
 Expressing slowly her shy and coy.

Seasons weave the curtains of clouds
And cloak your face great-looking.
You build holes with  needles of rays
 That  are  really sharp and bright
You peep through the crack and break
To guard from harm, the better half,Earth.

 Your apparel is vast and wide
Yet it carries a classy look.
You rinse it in the downpours well,
 Wriggle and spread on twigs and trees.
In the colour, spread uneven, ha!
The attire attains modishness .

You do alter the foe to ashes,
Whoever, in weird, blocks your way
O! My Lord, the Great Sun honourable,
We  are nothing and none we agree.
We  bow heartily in front of you
Before your visage  venerable.



  1. I guess the Malayalam version was beautiful and to be frank the translated English, I feel needs more punch and subtlety of words. No offence please.

    1. Thank you, I don't feel offended since your hand moves for appreciation also.The problem is with regard to translation because finding equivalent words may not wear a poetic coat of the original.However my trial to upgrade will be there.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you ,sm. Pl. keep visiting whenever possible.

  3. beauty of nature ..well described ..nice post ..

  4. This the first time that I have visited your post. You have written the poem very nicely. The natural beauty of nature has been depicted vividly. I loved reading the lines
    Dew drop pretty, bashfully blinks
    And bats her eyelids daringly.
    You in return makes her go red and
    Paints her in your spectrum fine

  5. nice poem.... well described...

    thanks for leaving a comment on my post