Sunday, March 10, 2013

Like your Life, Love your Life and Live it with Life!


                      2nd part

Often we hear, “I love it, I love him, I love that” and the like. What do you mean by the term ‘Love’? What is love? About the word’ Love’ you may say that it is the tender feeling, affection, fondness and a range of things like that. But how will you come to the know-how’s of it? Is it a bowl of palatable eatables that provide you lingual pleasure? Is it a perfume that spreads pleasant aroma for you? Is it a beautiful article that attracts your attention? Is it a stunning scene that acts as a feast for your optic organs? Is it the pretty vicinity that makes you feel active? Is it an occurrence of a friendly person’s or relative’s presence that formulates you comfortable? Is it a melodious lovely tune that brings you to a halt from busy schedule?  No, love is none of these or yes, love is all of these and the response of a great many such questions.

 Like ‘Like’ Love also exhibits its transformation as hatred, antagonism, aloofness etc. in due course of time. Love too falls as victim in the hands of its inverse and time may do the vice versa. At the same time the various aspects of ‘Love’ plant the seedlings of very many qualities or values also in your personality. Altruism, humanity, sympathy, empathy, hard work etc. bloom on those plants of your life. At times both  the ‘Love  and Like’ are synonymous with each other or ‘Like’ is the lining of ‘Love’. Various sorts of ‘Like  and Love’ are there.  And hence a bulky number of animate and inanimate things can be enlisted under ‘Like’ and ‘Love’. If you have ‘Like’ towards anything you will love it. Life-conditions and time are two factors  that determine the depth of  ‘Love and Like’.

When we say that ‘Like’ and ‘Love’ lie in the core condition of your life we should analyse the terminology ‘Life’. What do you understand by ‘Life’? Is it the process of inhale and exhale of air? Is it the pendulum-like oscillation of your body?  Is it cuisine and consumption of food? Is it the metabolism and allied processes? Is it growth and development of the body? Is it a comfortable sleep and rouse? Is it the  action of your limbs for work? Is it adoption of techniques for remuneration? Is it the amity of  the members of your family? Is it recreation and amusement? Is it a nomadic movement from place to place? Is it earning some bucks for bread and butter? I don’t relate any of the unwelcome activities with life. The life of the craftsmen of that category  is tantamount to demise only..
 No, ‘Life’ is none of these. O! Yes, it is the sum total of all these and it is also the responses of a great many other interrogations. No unambiguous line that represents the full-fledged definition of ‘Like, Love or Life’ has ever been drawn by anybody. It is a multi-wheeled  locomotive that is in motion on the tracks of ‘Like’ and ‘Love’. I feel that today the wheels of life that keep on  rolling and rolling are fabricated from intolerance, rage ,vying, violence ,a nil rapport  condition etc.  None lives a proper life on this green planet. No one on earth is to one’s hearts content and peaceful. If at all a very few are there, they might have bidden goodbye to the worldly life  and built a nest in spirituality to migrate into. As a spectator you watch all these doings by such ones also, you may identify the superfluous and make-belief acts in numerous cases. If you dig deep into their hearts ,you can unearth there a hunt for peace and pleasure. To upgrade your life like it, love it and live it with life.

 ‘Adopt steps that will lead you to be bold,
 Reap you can then cent percent gold.’

So ‘Love all, hate none,
believe a few and follow one.’

You will obtain satiety in life and can live a life with life in it.



  1. Hi Prayaga, this is a very thought provoking article. LOVE, LIKE, and LIFE have been portrayed beautifully.The Society today needs to spread the message 'Love all, hate none'.
    Interesting article.

  2. thoughtful article
    Love all, hate none,
    believe a few and follow one
    Sums says it all

  3. This is a very profound post ......very deep thought we need to give to make us realize what is love life and like....awesome one......