Saturday, March 9, 2013

Like your Life, Love your Life and Live it with Life!

Since this article has attained length, I have segregated half as a separate entity to be posted subsequent to this post.
‘Oh! My life, what are you?
Could anyone tell?
No, not a single person
has told it well.’

This piece I have taken from ‘Life’ a poem penned and posted by rudraprayaga in the initial stage of  blogging. Life is not a bed of roses, but some days it is. For some people it is. Not always and not for all.

Before I spell out the topic I would highlight certain qualms to be countered. And I too would try expounding the matter in my own manner.

What do you mean by the lexis ‘Like’? Is it the fondness for things around you? Or is it the softness for the lovely situation you wish for? Is it the warmth towards your kith and kin that are very near and dear? Is it the pleasure you experience from a joyful incident? Is it an attachment towards the gains due to the pains you have taken on an aspiration? Is it the attraction towards vision-catching objects? Is it the inclination towards mind-blowing situations? I believe ‘Like’ is none of these or it is a compound chemically bound from all these.

 The word ‘Like’ finds its abode in the responses of all the above and without that word endurance of your ‘self ’in your life will face hurdles. ‘Like’ and dislike are two sides of the leaf of life, for ‘Like’ does not persist for ever and may end in dislike. ‘Like’ transforms itself into various other forms like aversion, negligence, disposal etc. from time to time, person to person and situation to situation. That is why we discard old goods and bring about changes in the ambience of the domestics.

You at one location may obtain a regard from a person and may experience a detriment at some other circumstance from the same person. Objects also assume the position of ‘Like’ at one instant and  fall instrumental to dislike at another event.  E.g. however dearly  adored may an article be, in the rapid current of time that article may grow fainter and the ‘Antonym’ of ‘Like’ merges with the stuff of that. In fact long constant association of persons may saw the seeds of inertia leading to disgust among them. You may like a person or a thing in accordance with your mental stage, physical condition and time availability. Like and dislike are the two wheels of your day today life’s events.

Sarala                                                                                             to be contd to part-2.


  1. Hi Pragya,very beautifully you have analysed how we waver between likes and dislikes. Waiting for the next part. Happy Shivratri

  2. Happy Shivaratri!Thank you. The next part tomorrow.

  3. Very well written... loving it!