Friday, May 3, 2013

Finally He Arrived!

(This incident ached my heart a lot by seeing in his eyes the rays of good days ahead.So I key-boarded my heaviness here. )

“One day is my day,
my coveted arrival’s day,”
expected he with gleeful eyes,
lurked and longed for the finest day
to breathe the familiar air
of his beloved Nation.

Never ever had  he thought of
this sort of lot in life,
when his lower  limbs, candidly
 touched the milieu banned 
for strangers of other countries
 from encroaching and intruding.

It was not a cuff, but the forces’
 handcuffs that encircled
 his hands like bangles,
the symbol of slavery,despite
an allegory however  he tried
to prove there, seemed scary.                                   

Dungeon that received him
 with derision and disdain
as the insignia of the regiment
that enslaved him, would, he knew,
provide him, torment and torture, till the
dawn of the day, he waited for.

His hay days and young days
 His dreams and warmth in depth,
 his wellness and fitness in toto
All gone in vain being in the hands
 Of  his foes, his wishes were crushed
Without a drop of clemency.

Days, months and years in decade
 had fallen and faded in the current
 of the great ocean,theTime
 though his yens had some lochs
of hope to escape from their clutches
to the tomorrows’ togetherness.

The toddling steps of his little daughter,
the cuddling ways of  his half, better
loving look of  his motherly sister,
all loomed in his sleep often.
 heart his throbbed profoundly
like mortar's pounding  sound.

Hard days, he had to cut since
 insipid food and untidy bed
were doled out, with harsh treatment
 in the hostile country as nemesis
 to his indigenous nation, where he

enjoyed only sugary merriment. 

A thud determining his fatal fate,
knocked out on his cerebral part
sent him to a perilous shell,
which they called a hospital.
alas! Sabarjit, with unfulfilled yen
arrived near his kin in a closed coffin.



  1. This poem is so soul stirring and emotional that tears came to my eyes.Sarala thanks for sharing .

    1. Thank you. Actually the news surrounding us is so unethical that eyes cannot stop tears in our eyes.What a horrible society!

  2. Very touchingly written.The anguish felt by all is well expressed.Had he been kept in safe environment anticipating the threat to his life,he might have one day walked back joyfully to his family and his country.Our hearts goes out to his bereaved family

    1. Yes, he could walk to his family on clemency.

  3. Very touching and emotional.....

  4. That was well attempted and quite evocative.

  5. Super writing. Very touching.

  6. Heartfelt and expressive writing..
    His hay days and young days
    His dreams and warmth in depth,
    his wellness and fitness in toto

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  8. Beautifully written. A death he sure didn't deserve. Mat his should rest in peace.
    I really feel very bad for his near and dear ones. She should have released when his release was announced, but the Universe had other plans for him.
    I just cannot understand.

  9. Yes,none can foretell what in store for them is,may be bad or good!Thank you,rama.