Thursday, May 16, 2013

I am There in ‘Purest’!


Now you all inhabit an era of autobiography or self expression. Then why should I inhibit in divulging myself in the same way. A part of my autobiography leaps out of my mind and migrates as a word document here. And eventually it will creep to Rudraprayaga’s  blog. Though I seem to track a furtive style of life, here I would unearth my real countenance removing the mask from it. My real identity will catch hold of you, when you ramble through the way I pave here.

I vehemently approach people for their company because I know very well that in the inner core of their mind they keep a yen to enthrone me there. Sometimes they heed attention not a bit for my presence. So at that time I come within the reach of animals, birds, flies and even inanimate things. They also sometimes move away or are distanced from me. One thing I’ll put in the picture that I  require  someone or something for my existence.

When one day I made an old man feel my presence, he very delightfully shook hands with me and offered me his amity. An easy-chair, bearing a smile on the lips extended a reception to both of us. As the old man lay down with me, a redundant visitor appeared there to spoil all the calm supplying qualms to us. The visitor was a bad back-pain that drove the host to a nearby hospital .I vacated me from the scene, since I couldn't and can’t entertain ill-stricken people. Usually oldsters invite us to pay frequent visits to them. But their infirmity drives me away.

Middle-aged adults pine for my presence but they are meddled with their regulars in the up-keep of their domiciles .And also they are after their  teen-aged offspring’s triumphs and achievements  in academics as well as co-academics. So they don’t even imagine of my occurrence. They postpone entertaining me.

 So I prefer youngsters to both these categories because youths seldom fall prey to frailty and also modern youths embrace me with all their heart. They favour me much, while they sit with systems or mobiles for chatting. Though the busy ingenious professionals among them have to strive hard for a little liberated time to have me with them, they have to discountenance me sometimes. But they sure earmark a large fraction of their holiday occasions to spend with me. Not only that, having felt my being with them, they remain on board for hours together.

Ho! I can’t even think of the friendship with workaholic people. Their body and mind will be submerged in their labour and thereby its result. They don’t even turn their eyes to me and kick me off with the left leg, putting all the vim in work. Hence I evade them totally and rather escape from there to some other people.

Once I approached a chap, who was ten years old during the long summer break. He stretched his arms to receive me. He rapidly navigated his direction to the amusement room and twisted swiftly with the rhythm of songs from the T.V. Children who become busy with books, games, entertainments etc. never care for me. They also go after food of their choice and are with it for long. They quite often engage their mouth in chewing or chattering and I bid adieu mostly.

 But I need not vex about all these conditions as there are a set of people who clasp my presence and I revere them honestly. They are always ready to welcome me to their midst. They greet me whole-heartedly and prefer lingering more on me  than focussing on their occupation if any. If at all they become inclined to concentrate on their job, I am sure they won’t do it voluntarily. They have hesitation none to always hold my presence, no matter even if they are in a squalid atmosphere. Do you know who they are? They are the ‘Lazy group of People’.

And now you may conjecture as who this is. Don’t worry  I’ll give you some hints. ‘I am there in Purest’. I hold with me nearest ,the dearest. I sit in restaurant.’ Can’t guess!
My name is 'Rest, the Great' (pu-rest, nea-rest, dea-rest,rest-aurant etc.). Current time is ominous to me because my foe ‘Busy Condition’ has abode among modern people. Consequently the latter chase me away, they are much fond of me though. Still holidays and nights of people invite me for merriment and  I then enjoy the reception  from them.

“To be too busy collects contempt”.

‘Rest in haste wastes your time’.



  1. hi Sarala, this is very interesting. The suspense is maintained till the end. Good write up.

  2. Umm, if you may please take my comment in its spirit, I feel the write up was a good attempt . But was leading in to confusion. A bit of too many words that perhaps added to the confusion.
    I think, your idea needs to be conveyed better.Perhaps a little more choice of words that fit exactly to the situation...?

  3. There is nothing else but the heart to suffice to.

  4. nice write up till end it kept increasing desire to read more and know what you want to express

  5. Beautifully expressed... kept me guessing till the end!

  6. Thank you all,anilkurup, The Purple Assassin, sm and me.