Tuesday, May 21, 2013

In Search of a Haven

 "By God's grace my twin brother and I
Obtained jobs to be posted to this place. 
And what we need now is an aylum
To sleep and keep our'self' in rescue."

Hunted the brothers on foot, in auto
 And in other ways for hours and hours
And for them, appeared none in aid 
 Even with a haunted house.  

Where can two young poor men,
Exposed in penury till date, rather
As slaves, serfs, or servants find
Any person’s attitude kind?

“Ha! Look at that old man in,”
One, in sensation high, yelled,
“That big house; he is cleaning 
The compound with ease, not much."

The search-gait of theirs, of course
 Carried them to the man, aged,
Who with astounding belief gazed at them
Sensing in his place, their presence 

At the loss of their parents both,
 The boys, at an age very tender,
From the squalor of the slums,
Orphanage-reared, bore a dreary look.

 The man, while fighting with
Weeds and grasses around the house,
Lent them his ear, with a panting breath
And rejoiced then as a hornbill in rains.

 Heading for them to the way in home,
“The cuteness of home and me"said he
"Faded away in the erosion of years
And still she shelters me from storms."

“My intimate ones deserted me
 Leaving me lonely, as residue
 Prior to my eternal journey, for which
 God has readily primed the script.”

Winning jobs with their will and wit
As an L.D.Clerk and a group D worker,
In search of their haven in this region

Where they found their safety, fully free from fare.