Monday, July 8, 2013

‘Vishukkaineettam’(A Divine Gift of Vishu)

I would like to recall some experiences of my sugary memories here. A few of my memoirs have been posted earlier also.

‘Vishu’ is an enchanting festival of Hindus of Kerala in India. It is a legendary celebration full of sanctity and serenity. It makes its presence in the mid-April though., it is believed to be a New Year gala. It is said that it signifies the commencement of  Zodiac Year. Anyhow it has been dwelling amidst people since a millennium or more back.

 Two imperative facets of  vishu’s rituals are ‘Vishukkani’(The first sight of new year) and ‘Vishukkaineettam’. The oldsters despite their dotage ensure the vishukkani view  for all the members of the family. The rouse at dawn followed by the virtual ‘vishukkani’,  a full-fledged bath and a new set of apparels enthrall the members. And here comes ‘vishukkaineettam’ a holy gift of affirmation  from the elders to youngsters, from Haves to Have-nots, from masters to servants.

 The vishukkaineettam, for which everyone has a yen, is a vertebra on the backbone of Vishu’s celebration.  Vishu without  vishukkaineettam is not at all a celebration for the offspring of the family, but only a procedure formal. And kaineettam or the gift is the most curious item for the under-aged. They dash and rush to the elders, when the latter dole out coins after coins in hands and hands. The  young progenies’ visual part and thinking dot count and calculate the total sum with much glee in mind and glow on face.

The childhood, mine though happened years back, the glimpses still linger in my memory as lively as today’s sparks .Entertainment and merriment winged and wing the festival, Vishu, for its entry occurs during summer vacation. The Gaggle used to come together to compare the collection of ‘Vishukkaineettam’. The smarter and elder charmed the younger ones for owning their sacred earnings of that day. They ,the elders give some syrupy promises which remain as promises  only without any rupture. The poor, tender very easily fell prey to the formers’ plans.

 Sometimes father time carries us back through the track we have travelled. Here we witness abundant amazing scenes of  our old deeds engraved on the board of our memories. They flash as reel by reel of movies through our minds.

Once with the ‘vishukkaineettam’, a cousin of my age and me together entered into a new initiative. Our little hands sowed the coins in elephant-yam’s pits. “They will grow into tall plants bearing coins and coins all over,” thought we contentedly. We watered every day and watched intriguingly their growth by removing the earth.

 “Alas! Sluggishness surrounding the coins prevented them from sending their shoot to the wonderful world outside”, inferred our tiny minds.

One day we noticed sadly the coins’ nonexistence in mother Earth’s lap. The gloom that shadowed our petite minds allowed tears to flow down the cheeks as streams. And those drops which loomed in our eyes tried to soothe and console us.

 “Don’t fret about, you posses hap enough and that is why mother Earth has showered on you her blessings. You have become very dear to Her. She  had carried away Sita Devi when Sita wished so. And just like that has she received your gift also with delight” the eldest among the laddies solaced us.

 We, who were aware of  Ramayana story, were taken aback by his considerate words. Our innocent minds were full with thrill  and enjoyed really the bliss of mother Earth’s blessings”.

 Didn’t or couldn’t our tender age notice the snigger on  the eldest cousin’s visage. Now when we open that folder, the game and fun behind that appear very luridly. A smile emerges out because of the  folly,ours at that time.

Life without fun is a dish without salt.


  1. That was a beautiful description of the festival sprinkled with innocence of childhood..but tell me what did you mean by " She had carried away Sita Devi when Sita wished so."I wish to understand your point of view :)

    1. Sita Devi was carried away to the crevice of mother Earth,when she desired so.Thank you,me.

  2. I have observed this festival once very closely and this is a very touching post dear.... loved it!

  3. The gullible and credulous young children believe anything.
    Vishu with its Vishukkani and Kaineettam is a great and fun filled festival of Kerala.Nicely written

  4. nostalgic memories...

    on that day is every children will get vishukkaineetam


    1. Yes, every child lurks for that. thank you.

  5. Indeed Vishu brings about cherished memories.

    Rather smart work of your cousin. Street smart!!

  6. the country is filled with such different kinds of customs and festivals. Thank you for introducing another beautiful one from Kerala :)


  7. This seems to be my first time here.. dropped in from the write tribe .. :) :)

    liked your post...vishu always has such wonderful memories attached to it.. ur cousin is very smart I must say :D :D

  8. Indeed, Wonderful informative write up.