Tuesday, February 11, 2014


The crow far away from nest
 Flapping its wings up and down
Fluttered around in fizzling mood
For water to douse his thirst.       

Went near the river vast,
Which, the mighty Sun has
Mercilessly killed sipping
Its blood, rain bestowed..

  Reached ponds deep and wet
 And brooks and many becks, 
Once lay with water full,
 Illustrate they only aridity now.

“Aha! A pot with water at the foot,
I can guzzle," hoped he much.
But how can I get it,
Pot's mouth is too tapered?"

Pondered he over it ,"Yes,
An idea looms in me."
With a hearty grin, stones 
One by one he put to set the level.

Alas! Cuts by stones in the pot
Water gushed and no water in pot.
Sat in sadness the poor crow.
Looked around with no  trust.

 “Ho! Water here spurts a lot,
Thanks the water authority;
Unfastened ruptured water pipes
Lets water flood in force."