Wednesday, February 5, 2014

How do I Tell her about You!

“What sin have I committed to be here? Jumping into flames or gulping venom is painless. This task, O! How hapless I am. Poor ‘Bhabhi’*!”  How do I tell her about you, ‘Bhaiyya’*” Lakshmana’s heart was heavy, mind was lamenting.  He wept foiling the tear-flow.
Sitadevi unaware of the ill-fate waiting, exultantly journeyed for her refreshing visit to the forest-ashram.

He had to unseal his bunged lips,“Bhaiyya, Srirama sensed people’s displeasure on welcoming you, after He released you from Ravana’s captivity.  He chose to send you to Valiki’s   hermitage.”
Pathos crammed the vicinity breaking Sitadevi’s heart.

 His departure was tear-jerking.

*Bhabhi- sister-in-law   Bhaiyya- elder brother

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  1. A page from the great epic. Wonderful.

  2. It was indeed tough.Very nice take fro the prompt

  3. Very creative use of the prompt Sarala... This episode of Ramayana is what makes Lord Ram and Ideal King but a terrible husband and makes me want to question his title of "Maryada Purushottam"

    1. When he had opted for being a ruler, in the sole sense he stood for the welfare of his subjects,despite his family's bond.
      In the land of the Epic Ramayana what is going on now? The rulers are money-hoarders through all the illegal means no matter if the country's future lies in' ?'. Thank you,Reshma.

  4. Epic beautifully narrated:)