Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Fateful Sunset!

 I have versified here a real unfortunate incident, occurred a year ago. Actually it was key-boarded a few weeks before, but now only it saw its space in the blog.

 In a contented family the husband’s action-can’t say thoughtless or careless- led the members to utter glumness. The loss they endured is no doubt irrevocable. And  here it goes and now  please read…….

She chose not to load further
Mother Earth with her body-mass.
It had its size diminished a lot,
The wallet theirs, when became vacant.
In quantity lacked the food intake and
She opted then for a reside above,
Steering clear of her stay petite 
Spreading dark in the sun of joy.

Stood she, the bashful female
With her best-half, loving dearly,
 As a walking stick supportive,
Or the spine keeping him straight
In days seemed rigidly hard
For survival and sustenance,
As they faced all disquiet on
The suspension of job.

 For them too had every day,its day,
With bright lush green glee shining in
The well-knit flock of folks, sharing and bearing
Everything that smoothed or smothered.
But couldn't they protract and protect;
The innocent man’s right forearm
 From being slashed away;
 The fanatics sunk their joy into grief.

He had flourished well with
Handsome earning, sizable enough
To cherish their crave sensible
For a living luxuriant , yet nothing extra;
His offspring two and they both
Basked lavishly their love and warmth
 Till one day in assault,
Totally all got perished.

How can a man be chastised 
Without shedding any light on
 What the matter unerringly 
 He has to bring to light?
Framed, the ‘teacher’ frank in him
A question for examination, not off beam,
Or erroneous, when in the context,
But the radicals claimed penalty,his hand.

Lurked, though mostly starving,
With wish in thoughts,
 His next gen and his poor soul pal, 
 For the repealing of his reprimand.
The court stood for justice though,
The very managers callous, alas!
Deferred to pity him,
Until his dear half, died in suicide.

The vacuum or void of adieu,
She bade to all her near-dear,
 Though is he in his placement back,
Can never be packed and corked.
In God’s holy court of heaven
 Will these fanatics get pardon?
No, never; no deed escapes unpaid,
And evocative then can justice turn.



  1. My impatience with poetry is annoying me often.
    However these verses here served as a requiem , if may hold it so to the deceased wife of Prof Joseph and a stark reminder of the topsy-turvy his life was made by an insensitive society , officialdom and the fanatical breed of Muslims.
    In India the national past time or the national sport is "being Offended".
    A bit of trimming and brushing with the lines may also be good .

    1. Thank you,Anil. Actually I felt very sad at the fate of that poor one and so it reflected in words in the'word' immediately after the incident.I postponed posting it here with a view to polishing a little bit. I posted it here without doing anything because that part(polishing) had escaped from my mind somehow.

  2. I love the way you weave emotions around words and create magic <3

  3. Life can be cruel.liked your closing lines Sarala, no deeds are unpaid indeed.

  4. No, never; no deed escapes unpaid
    nice have to read once again