Thursday, May 22, 2014


(I bid adieu to blogging for nearly one month, as I have to attend to certain important house-chores.And I sincerely thank those who find time to visit me here.)

Dreams cart us to yen
Yonder, we the dry leaves dart
 In the gust of air.

Fly, around flower
Displays signs of deep love; in
 Shyness blushes she.

While flying high in
Joy, forget not to come down.
Wage you get from ground.

Time-flight fails never
To take off and lands ever
Not; prolongs journey.

 Takes off life-flight from
Womb, travels over hills and
 valleys. Lands at tomb.

South wind rushes fast
To hug  black cloud; away she
 Runs shedding tear-drops.




  1. Nice poem.Best wishes and let the break bring you back with renewed and refreshed vigour.

  2. Oh Rudra, will miss you - come back soon <3

    BTW I believe I have told you always I love your haikus !

  3. I understand your taking a sabbatical for a month. Please come back as early as possible. We are waiting.

  4. Loved the shy romance in the second Haiku and the words of wisdom about the journey of life. Enjoy your break Sarala :)

  5. A stunning selection of haiku. God speed to you while you take care of business! ♥

  6. nice poem
    will be waiting for new poems
    enjoy break