Thursday, May 15, 2014

She realized that she could no longer hide the Truth!

When I sat to expand the topic in hundred words, two buds loomed on the stalk of  my thought process. I didn’t nip any and allowed both to unfurl here.

1        Friendship in Facebook!

That pleasant handsome countenance in facebook, with a forte, bearing a grin below the well-formed moustache, infringed upon Sangeeta's mind. Her curiosity surf-rode through comradeship, but reached no shore of acquaintance. 

But that visage journeyed in her sleep and rouse, work and free-time, leisure and pleasure and everywhere. So she unfolded her heart and Raju reciprocated. Their love pining grew in size.

She couldn’t help divulging the truth. Fret-ridden and tear-jerking way she, “I am dumb, forget me, sorry.” She shut her laptop. 

After a while with a heavy-heart she signed into facebook.
“We, dumb both, will row on the life-ocean together,” he.


2           Blood and Blood!

 The conch trumpet echoed in air.She was in deep thought and walked frontward and backward. Her steps disclose the glumness of her ‘self’.

  “ My own blood and my own blood will fight. Oh! How painful. I can’t bear this,” despondingly she thought. “I can’t hide the truth anymore,” she whispered.

She took feeble paces towards him. Her heart-pounding was audible. “You are my dear son, Karna; you and Arjuna are siblings.”Kunti.
“Me, a charioteer’s son, Arjuna’s brother?”

She exposed the truth.
“I will target only Arjuna, no other Pandava; then also you will have five sons.”Karna vanished.

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  1. Wow your writing is very unique dear, taking the reader to a different world altogether.

  2. Very nice.
    Mahabharata Kunti-Karna story is apt as is the current Social Media FB impact. We don't know the identity!

  3. Loved both the takes Sarala :) I like the way you insert mythological tales in your posts...

  4. Good you decided to write both. Well written :)

  5. Loved the second one best. ♥

  6. Loved both the stories, but the Mahabharata episode has always been my favorite, and thus I would be biased towards it :D