Thursday, July 10, 2014

It does feel like Home, doesn't it?


Vivek’s heart ached, mind sobbed and quiet reigned there.   *Achchan's absence  disfigured the domicile's calm. Achchan lived for Vivek, Vivek only after his mother’s final departure. Vivek lay beside Achchan for slumber till teen. He sat sad.

Achchan disproved son’s stance whenever son rebuked his mischievous toddler. Once in rage at the spur of a moment words ‘You don’t interfere, I know to rear my child’ leapt out of Vivek’s lips ruthlessly hitting right at Achchan’s heart.

Revivifying himself he groped around seeking media assistance also to find him.
Eventually a stranger’s phone-call, “A man…………….”

 Yes, the house now does seem home, doesn't it?

*Achchan- father.

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  1. yes happens very realistic

  2. words uttered in anger can hurt for a long time, leaving behind painful scars.

  3. Great story in just a few words! Well done!

  4. Anger may break heart, lil do we realize and it may take years to nurse the wounds. very well expressed.

  5. Very beautifully said ... hard but true.