Saturday, August 16, 2014

दुख-सुख का एक सुन्दर मेल!

I am not much comfortable with Hindi as my lexicon is limited. I have the awareness of the grammar part a little bit. But I have a kinship with our National Language and so I had penned it long before. But I saw it a few days back only in the collection of my scrawls. Anyway I am posting it here and I don’t know how worth it is.

आओ साथियों देखेंगे हम

दुख-सुख का एक ज़िन्दगी खेल l

होता रहता इसी खेल में

दुख-सुख का एक सुन्दर मेल l

दुख में लगता अंधकार सबको

सुख में बरसती रोशनी सारी l

चीज़ें हैं तो होती उनमें

बुराई के साथ अच्छाई भी l

रजनी पड़ती रोशनी मिठाके

सूरज निकलते संतोष लेकर l

सुबह होते ही उड़ती चिड़ियाँ

देखो कितने जोश हैं उनमें l

गर्मी बाद आएगी सर्दी

नदी नीचे तो नभ है ऊपर l

चिन्तित न हो , न हो क्योंकि

 हल है दुष्कर कार्यों का भी l

हल्का होता मन हमारा

 चिन्ताओं का भार दूर करके l

होना क्यों उदास बेकार में

 लानी हैं हमें खुशी हमेशा l


  1. Sarala this is fantastic. Your claim that you don't know much Hindi, is proved wrong!!Your Hindi is much better than those who claim to have a mastery on the language. Well Done !!!

    1. It is an accolade for me,ma'am.Thank you.

  2. Very beautiful and uplifting poem ... every problem has a solution :-)

  3. Is there an English translation coming for the benefit of those who do not know Hindi?

  4. nice poem full of hope and encouragement
    One correction - Hindi is not a national language of India
    Hindi is a official language of government of India
    Suggested Reading –

    Hindi is an official language of India Hindi is not a national language of India

    1. This info. is afresh to me.There was a move to consider Hindi as the National Language just as the other National Symbols.Anyhow court order says it is an official language(Now I referred). Thank you,sm.