Friday, August 22, 2014

The Flying Flower, Butterfly!

Here I have written about butterfly in third person, not in first person as "I dreamed I was a butterfly!"

God likes all lives, but
He much favours some; so does
He to butterflies.

Blessed are with boons,
 God’s beloved flying bloom.
Ha, What blend of hues!

Butterflies clever
Lay eggs under leaves lovely.
Leaves care eggs dearly.

Larvae from eggs rove
Over leaf; proud with body-stripes.
They prey on host leaf.

Hide pupae in
Cocoons as hermits in
 Penance; shun they ordeal.

Stylishly come
Out, the butterflies pretty.
Win adulation.

Form  synonyms of
Charm, the flying flowers and
Garden flowers cute.


  1. Beautiful poem. The butterfly symbolizes transient or short-lived beauty.

  2. Replies
    1. Yea, Anil, metamorphosing from egg to adult.

  3. You went through the whole works. A butterfly does that really. Great write rudra!


  4. A beautiful poem on beautiful butterfly...
    Good one

  5. Lovely poem Prayaga! Please read this blogpost, in response to the Sunshine award. Thank you so much! :)