Tuesday, September 23, 2014


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I thought haiku were to be written. I had read the instructions earlier.So the deviation and sorry for that.Anyway I post them here.

For permission he
Waits not;  enter wherever
He wants, Ant the Great.

Pressure or sugar,
Care Ants never; eat so they
Meat, sweet and biscuits

On garnet beads of
Grapes or dangling fruits sweet and 
Ripe, lope Ants impish.

Falling in line March
Forward the Ants with steady
 Speed. Attack the foes. 

I had versified 'River' ,but couldn't link here. So I link it here. 


Burns, rivers, seas and
Banks,a picturesque cuteness, 
God provides the Earth. 

 A pretty painting
Looks the Earth. God has drawn plants,
Rivers, hills and mounts.

Nature spreads her chains
Of White-gold on earth bed. She
Views beauty with joy.



  1. Nice read. Also, ants are very intelligent.

  2. Hari OM
    I admire your attempts at haiku Sarala; this discipline is not one I have attempted till date. My favourite here is 'On garnet beads...' YAM xx

  3. Totally enjoyed both..
    And ants.. They really find home almost everywhere!

  4. What a wonderful series of haiku/senryu Rudra, both series are great, but the series on "river" I like the most.
    Thank you for visiting.

  5. The line" Garnet beads" is really captivating. Interesting thoughts.