Friday, September 12, 2014

The Ultimate Adieu !

Actually I had penned a write-up on ‘Onam Celebrations’ to post here, but one of my maternal aunts’ demise composed a few lines in my mind. So I posted them here. Though she was in a bed-ridden condition, her departure has left a vacuum in her residence as well as  its residents’ minds. Parting with no prospect of a meeting further, turns the atmosphere sad and grief-stricken. 

The final curtain, Adieu lowers

Absorbing glory and providing gloom.

Concludes one, one's rolls in play

And stages in show the scenes of life,

Which in the farewell final, end.

Leaves the venue, the actor soul

Letting the sets, the body, to be withered.

Ache the loved ones’ hearts much, 

When  bear  faces the pretense of calm.
Lessening gloom is a task so hard,

As the gaps and cracks

Go mended never.

  Adds the adieu pain in kin’s hearts

And mourning sound looms in throats.

The mask of smile keeps

Solace for bereaved

And it may lessen the gloom

For a while, but no, not for long.

The pain, that pierces

The hearts of beloveds,

Just as a knife in skilful hand

Wounds and cuts of sufferings, makes.

The bleeding that hearts get, is not set to clot

But allows the woes to ooze their serum.

Brooks of tears flow

Out from eyeballs,

Transforming into rivulets and rivers

Finding the paths

To fathomless ocean,

An ocean full of sorrows and grief.

 The garb once wore the departed persons,

The bed that the deceased lay on everyday
The foot-wears, bags and vessels used by the parted

And the spots and parts, the gone ones  moved on

And all the belongings owned by the left ones

Cart very well their smell and sensation.

Showering of consolations show dearth nothing,

People’s gathering in crowds wide expands,

Psalms and hymns boom in air,

Rituals and customs remain on course,

Can the souls, departed

Experience this genus entire?

O! No, never- never, it can.

Who is there who has seen the soul

That to us, bade the adieu last!

 The rites are really to satiate the live souls

And let’s pray for the soul departed,

 To have its rest, the ‘Rest in Peace’.


  1. My heart felt sympathies. May your aunt rest in peace.

  2. sad to know about demise of your aunt
    Beautifully penned lines
    Who is there who has seen the soul
    That to us, bade the adieu last!

  3. Hari OM
    Wonderful words filled with spirit understanding it is bound. You honour your aunt well Sarala!

    Thanks for visiting my place today. I do hope you took the chance to click through to the other 'takes'; one is for creative writing, another is the journal/memoire and then there is Aatmaavrajanam, which is the Vedantic Philosophy space.

    Have joined up here, your poetry is appealing. Blessings and condolences for your recent loss. YAM xx

  4. Sorry to hear the sad news.The poem is a silent tribute to the departed soul..

  5. Grieving is an essential part of saying goodbye. There is no better way to do this than write a poem, sing a song or speak a tribute for their life.

  6. A journey through loss..and yes..the final wish is one we all hope for I suppose..