Thursday, October 22, 2015

Like a Gust of Wind !

Like the Air blowing as hurricane,
that man entered into her home-named cell
resumed his routine of hurly-burly 
 with the hair of her frontal head in his fist
 and started bellowing out yells of words,
tinted in adverse rubbish refuse.

A poor orphan, chucked out by unknown parents
 once had fallen prey to hollow words
coated with sugar of artificial texture
offered by that moneyed man, claiming to be clement,
Got her deed, taken in unthinking way,
 paid  solely with his acts of scorn and affront.

Looked at the blue through window, she,
 with intention nil and mind totally deadened,              
 having provision nothing  to lodge
anything further in mind, for it is full
of blows born out of misuse by the man's
  malicious lingual part and limbs.

Locking the ears with hands both,  
like a gust of wind-blast, flashed she
to the open and to the asylum of an Ashram
 with hurts in heart and wounds on carcass
saving her ‘self’ from the pollution emitted
 by her husband’s venom-vomiting mouth.  

 It was from that surrounding just a flight
of escape as high was the suffocation 
on her mind and soul with that man's
 tongue so haughty and hand so harsh
 that thrashed her peace and calm into pieces
 of large degree fright and panic state.


  1. Hari OM
    Here is the voice of so many women of the world - bless you for raising the words... YAM xx

  2. Deep. Poignant.

    Nicely written, though it is brimming with pain and suffering. The words articulate the sad state some face daily.

  3. beautiful writings! will return for more. And thank you for your comments!

  4. that is just so intense and slightly disturbing and very close to reality. Nicely penned.

  5. Such an unfortunate soul. Some are born just to suffer most of their lives and the answer to its why is evasive. Very deep thoughts.

  6. Yea, there are people like this. Thank you,SG.

  7. Painful, but have heard such incidents so many times. Very well expressed.

  8. Very well expressed. Thanks for sharing.