Thursday, August 11, 2016

Publication of Books!

Publication of books is not that easy for a writer who has no label as a writer or author. Of course renowned authors magnetize the publishers and the latter even wait for a nod from the former with regard to publishing a material of their creativity.  But this is not the case with the neonatal writers. The doors of Publication houses do not open in front of them. One cannot blame them because they are apprehensive about the demand of the books.

My mind used to walk over the fields of thoughts and feelings for much long. In fact it went on travelling from real incidents to unfeasible happenings. It started sowing the seeds of imagination in thoughts and feelings. They grew up as words and sentences and I allowed them to lie on leaves of papers. I titled them with the pet names story, article, poem etc.  

 I don’t know if writers of high caliber would accept these names or not. A child is prized much to its mother, may it be exquisite or not and so also my progeny to me.  So I stopped not reproducing my written progeny. It goes on now also as it did earlier. But hither thither I had to come to halts because the fast runner, Time, without pausing a moment for me, many a time had been running away.

It is the long cherished crave of a writer to see his books in prints. But the publishers do not or cannot acknowledge the new writers. Are they fully confident about the content of the writer’s confinement, they support the birthing of his/her offspring.

 Nonetheless I had never undertaken the risk of dreaming for having a book published.
 Mainly there are two reasons for that. 1) I don’t know if my products are worth publishing ( My next of kin complain that I express  humility more than needed in grading my work; but remember they are my next of kin) and  2) Writers are born in plethora, just as for every drizzling spring up weeds and grasses . Of course there are a lot many who contain untainted talent which is a boon from the Almighty. The recognition sphere of many writers  inflates only within limits or rather it remains unobserved.

Somehow now I came to understand from my sister that Valmeeki Publishers publish the unknown writers’ work as e-books. So I thought ‘why not I give a trial for that?’ I rummaged in the website of ‘ Vameeki’ and I found the required, as I desired. And my e-book has seen light  and here is it, though it may be a petite dot in  writers’ world.

 Hope  you all will spare a little time to read it. If you download and read in Android on a payment of Rs.10.oo(Rupees Ten),it would be helpful for the publisher.


  1. Hari OM
    I see you have put the story of Urmila there and I love the 'cover'! Wishing very best for this Sarala!!! YAM xx

  2. Congratulations Sarala. Your products are certainly worth publishing. I will look for this in Android.

    1. Thank you,SG. Such good comments only led me to take this step.

  3. congrats
    now going to check the website

  4. Very interesting information. I will surely check it up.

    Writing is very hard work and not everyone can do it. It is lonely work and needs plenty of grits and determination to succeed. Many of us can't withstand the rigor and discipline of writing.

    We should also remember that all the famous writers were novices at one time and they faced too many disappointments and rejections. Take the case of JK Rowling.

    We are yet to get a gold medal in Olympics and considering the fact that we have the second largest population in the world, this performance is really disappointing. Even a tiny country like Phillipines got a gold medal.

    Coming back to getting written work published, I think only champions with determination,dedication,discipline, hard work, resilience and courage can do it.

    Best wishes

  5. Thank you very much for your inspiring comment.

  6. Thank you very much for your inspiring comment.

  7. That by itself is an incredible feat Sarala ! Many congratulations on that and yes I will look out for it on Android

  8. Thank you, Sujatha for your visit.