Thursday, September 22, 2016

An Endearing Build!

The little daughter,Kerala
Indeed is prized to Mother,India
Hesitation shows she,not a bit
To stay at her Mother's feet.

Owns she a good similitude
With a leaf, at midrib,wrinkled
Having corrugated, its blade
Just as an artist has designed.

Lavishly bestowed God on her
A majesty exquisite, viewers adore.
Look at her from her feet to head
Sight sure you can an endearing build.

Chosen God has, to stitch her finery,
The tailors crafting forms the finest
And so looms her fascinating array
 Always in an alluring way.

Beset with foliages, buds and flowers 
Portrayed as pretty prints and drawings
Holds she proudly her garbs pleasing
A fine gift of Nature,chiefly in spring.

Envy her, the clouds loud in ire high
Forming a group great, theirs in sky
Clout her on her head with the arms,
That are the strands strong of  rains.

Her father Sun with wait seldom
Soothes her and off wipes her gloom
Offering radiance and energy largely
And keeps up, beauty blessed, brightly.

And now Alas! Louts ruthless, a lot,
Use their harsh tough feelers
 With their hearts full of dirt,
Loot her, bringing aching sores,

In her very sacred soul,
Oh! From the tears she sheds,
 Can we read her deep sorrows?
Ah! Stoop in shame let us our head.

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  1. Hari OM
    a wonderful ode to country! YAM xx

  2. Pretty well portrayed, the anguish as KP said.

  3. Heartfelt tribute, I loved it?
    Thank you very very much for your wishes, it was like tonic 😃

  4. thats a novel, unheard idea...

  5. Chosen God has, to stitch her finery,
    The tailors that craft the forms the finest
    And so looms her fascinating array
    Always in an attractive way.


  6. Ende Keralam... Started as a happy song, ended at a sad note.

  7. I love the idea of Kerala as a little daughter at Mother India's feet. So lovely.

  8. Wonderful poem about our land valiamme

  9. Excellent painting of the lush,luscious beauty of Kerala!