Friday, January 5, 2018


Often hear, we calm and quiet,
Silence and peace or rest and sleep.
 But nowhere, we see any of them,
 But witness in fact,
 Hustle and bustleand unrest and clash
 And sure a race hurried for cash.

Tired we are of blast and blare,
Smoke and fumes and dust and dirt.
Around we when observe,
One thing we can recognize;
Travels, silence to distance
From the homo-sapiens.

Seem they busy, engaged they become,
Occupied they act and freedom theirs zero.
Moms of children on heels and wheels
Have to skip from kitchen to office
And pops go away from tiny kids
Far on tour from time to time.

Having time seldom to converse
Part with contact, the dear and near.
Shrink visits, triumph mobiles,
And spoiling the calm prevalent here
Pageantry and pretense,
With pleasure dwels in society.

Open, faithful and such values
Have fled the globe in fuss.
Ah! Yes, go to the huts in village
They stay there with hitches nil.
Fondling follows frowning there
And that too with a touch of quietude.

Poets united.


  1. What beautiful and interesting poetry my friend!

    How nicely you painted the world's restlessness and being LOST in worldly ventures and forgetting to live by soul at peace .

    Balance is most beautiful thing to sustain the composition of mental, physical and spiritual health. And to make this place long lasting and peaceful place

  2. It is overwhelming to be a part of the chaos in the world, but nature showers on peace that go unnoticed. It may be the sunrise or the sun set, it may be the rain drops falling on the earth or the silent snow fall. The more we notice the less the impact of the chaos. Beautifully coined full of emotions.

    1. Man spoils even Nature's calm.Thank you,Padmaja.

  3. Agree with you 100%. It is a rat race.

  4. pageantry and pretense - nice combo of words explaining so much