Monday, January 22, 2018

Corporate Bodies!


Now let us look into the ills, the society faces on account of corporate bodies’ presence. Can the corporate stand as a panacea for all that are unwell? No, the corporate bodies never care about what goes on around. Their eagle eyes aim  only at profit making and expanding their business empire, as they have been and are pro-profit entities. The corporate heads live in glass houses embedded in luxury and lavishness. They are bothered the least while acquiring the possession of people staying nearby for launching companies or inflating their business. Nor do they show any clemency to extent any aid to such people. They have hesitation naught to crush down all that blocks their fervor.  
 There are corporate houses  that are seldom bothered about the goings-on around.  The atmosphere entirety becomes polluted as the corporate allows emergence of smokes to Air, disposes waste to land and water. And the waste from their produces stays about without rotting, injuring the purity of the environment. Health hazard is a vicious issue amidst the people residing nearby.

The corporate shouldn’t act blind in all those situations. They should keep their eyes wide open to learn the impediments that the people suffer from. They should do the needful to recuperate the harm and hurt brought by them to the inhabitants of the terrain.

Since the corporate employees draw remuneration at high rates, their spending ability goes high affecting the prices of goods which often mark inflation. Expansion of land cost, expense of building construction etc. nip the yen of men to have an own residence, in the bud itself.  Education becomes a twin sibling of corporate, as quality education is available only in self-financing institutions. Therefore good education remains as a discontented dream for the common man. 

Another main factor is, as it is said in its commencement, is lack of time on the part of corporate employees. While they immerse their heads in laptops, their offspring spend their babyhood in maids’ laps or in crèches. The corporate staff do not experience the exquisiteness of sunrise and sunset. They cannot enjoy rains or chills. They don’t have time enough to eat well, sleep snug and even bathe neat. Human relation’s warmth dies in the heart, rather being killed in the heart.  Here we should understand that  life does not mean only money.

  Corporate Heads should value the lives of their staff as there is only one life for both the heads and subordinates. As is stated earlier the children are deprived of their parents’ patting and pampering, since the time waits for none and instead waves it goodbye to all. Such children, the tomorrow’s citizens may not understand the warmth of human liaison and when they grow up their old age parents may be left uncared.  And moreover act they may against the interest of the country due to scarcity of patriotism. 
Citizens’ paramount affairs like family rapport, recreation, housekeeping, communication with kith and kin, merging with the society etc. will flee the environs and vanish from the vicinity. People lead a mechanical mode of life with little cognizance about the occurrences around. What the corporate should do is they should employ more persons for each job, i.e. the load will get distributed among more people lessening the employees’ weight of their physique as well as psyche.

The case in point is that a job with two employees can have three or four and the amount earmarked for two’s salary may suffice for three or four, provided it is not too measly. The staff will obtain a life good to live in spite of the fact that their take home salary becomes a little less.

 The corporate bodies should consider the staff’s family life too, so that their satiated souls will find ease in working more efficiently. Peaceful mind of the employees will love their companies wholeheartedly and work earnestly with full spirit; the advantage will lie with the company only. The quality and quantity of a companies’ produce will then undoubtedly mark significant updation and upgradation. A strong bond among kin of the staff, will lead to family link, extended family relation and social communication and eventually the Nation will become the utmost beneficiary.


  1. Hari OM
    A more equal spread of wealth for improved productivity? An idea tried and failed so many times. In the end, the human is a greedy critter and society will always be uneven in this way.

    You have explored the issue in depth and with heart! I often ponder this dichotomy also. Such a major shift in thinking would be required... YAM xx

    1. Yes, correct,Yamini, a change in thoughts is required.Thank you.

  2. People (thru shares) invest in a corporation to make some money. Corporate managers are responsible for the company to make profit. They are answerable to share holders. They are not running a non profit organization. If any employee feels stressed out or unable to cope up with the rigid conditions, he/she should find a job elsewhere.

    Not all corporations are heartless selfish people. Many give lot of facilities for their employees. People love to work for those companies. One example is Google, headed by a guy from Chennai, Sundar Pichai. Their cafeteria is the talk of the town. One of several cafeteria there is an Indian cafeteria. They have imported chefs from India to cook there. Open 24 hours free of cost to employees.

    1. Me and naveen left Google. Everything is great but I thought I need some meaning for my life not just make money .I appreciate the views of people around.I think my views are weird and different

    2. You are correct SG, all the corporates are not that grim and that is why I have mentioned there are corporate houses that seldom consider the upshot they bring about. Thank you, SG.

  3. To be honest I dint read this post .done with corporates and I resigned my job in 2014 after 8 years of corporate life .now I do what I like in life.

  4. It is better to leave the job when you feel uncomfortable with it. But corporate money has changed the lives of many. Thank you Shilpa for visit.