Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fear and Fear,How Awful?

 'Life is a fiction which consists of sorrows, worries, tension, anxiety, fury, frustration, desperation, fear,ambition,mission,pleasure,solace, luxury,comfort,enthusiasm and the like.'

Fear is the most dangerous stage among all these states of mind.Fear will attack and  conquer you in various ways. It steals  your sleep, health,peace of mind and so on.Even your very appearance will be spoilt by the fear as this monster chooses your face to dwell on .Fear will win you nothing rather it will bring you loses and loses.Friendliness and friendship that seek your companionship, will not catch your attention and hence they will take leave of you.Fear will crush you in its kiln and burn away your caliber and potential.Fear may lead you to a corner devoid of others' reach and you may feel deprived of your importance.

Fear will take your personality to utter darkness so that the very existence of your real self may become a big question mark?Fear will paint your mind with dull colour, and so the other people will turn their faces away  and withdraw their watchful eyes.

What is the reason behind it?
The main reason is the unfulfilled goal,which is of a stature of the 'Himalayas'.Ambition definitely is an aid essential for success.Aim with dream without trial is like a 'Lottery' ticket which may steer you to prosperity,but no surety.Anxiety about failure of a mission is another condition, that renders in you a devilish fear.The wrong committed by you purposefully or unintentionally will bring you a big carton full of fear. Inferiority complex,shyness, cowardice,delicacy etc also pay way for fear and therefore interaction with others remain a far off entity.Fear of death is never the least to grab away the delight from your mind.

How can one overcome this hard phase of life?

Diminish the quantity of ambition that is tantamount to mountains.Aim to reach only that goal that befits your conditions- both physical and fiscal. Expand the mental capacity by amalgamating it with catalysts like confidence,positive vibes,sense of self-respect,self-estimation etc.If you yearn for things within your compatibility, take it for granted that nothing is impossible. It is your feeling that makes things impossible.. Build shelves yourself to showcase the product of your effort Peel off all the negative aspects of your personality and be smart to exhibit all your skill. Learn and own the good qualities of others and unlearn and disown the unsuitable ones.Success dances with those who are already on the stage.So avoid opportunities not,fail never to take pains and lose no chance that approaches you. Death is the immortal fact that none can kill.Let it take its own course and you seldom be scared of it.A coward dies many times, while the valiant only once.So die only once.Do have one fear 'the fear of God'.Turn your face away to proceed to the goal.'Yesterday is a bounced cheque. Tomorrow is a promissory-note.Today is ready cash .Spend it wisely.'



  1. Excellent post...I simply loved it. You have written it so beautifully. I have never come across such an interesting analysis on fear

    1. Thank you very much,me.You inspire as wellas encourage me.

  2. Dear Chechy, Another interesting piece of information from your end.I think, as we grow and when we cross 40, our view towards life change considerably,may not be true for all,but in my case, I now a days think in a totally different way. Ambitions, requirements etc are getting reduced.The anger, the by product of fear too getting reduced..We all get mellowed down as we survive in this world. Yea.. trying to remove the negativity from my thoughts..Once again, thanking you for the post!

  3. Thank you very much,Sreekutta.What you have said is exactly correct because though we claim that we are matured enough to handle things, real maturity makes its entry into us only after forty. And positive vibes will bring positiveness to you.I think a philosopher, that comes out through word or deed, lies with everybody.Actually I am very busy at present and a few more days.Then I'll come back to the monitor.