Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Riddle in Rhyme.

You(U) and I

We are five of twenty six,
Stay and play with twenty one.
Power of ours can't you imagine,
 Without us sure you can't shine.

Alone only two can go,
Living together we all do.
To every country we can ride,
People find us in their need.

We all are there for precaution,
None are there in sky and fly.
One is there in 'thrill’ and ‘drill’
And another makes a step in 'best'.

Our native place is in  U.K, you know?
And  we are V.I .P's in  all countries.
We don’t need any passport record
And nor do we any visa also.

We follow certain policies,
Which you all have to justify. 
'An' in pride follows us all,
But 'a' alone can only hardly. 

Can you guess now who we are?
We are the five of English 'Letters'.
You all call us Vowels five.
A, E, I, O, and you(U)  are we.



  1. WOW!!

    That was tooo good.... sadly I could not guess it at all :(