Sunday, December 2, 2012

In The College

             Short Story
Asha and Anil were in the same college Asha felt that Anil would become so close to her that they could never undo their relationship. Asha all the time craved for Anil’s presence.

Asha ,a first year professional degree student, was returning home after the last exam of her first semester. That particular day she was a bit extra delightful, for she fared well in the exam. Subsequent to the exam her family had a plan to set out on a pilgrimage to far on. Naturally she expressed a hurry  to get to home. As hurry makes worry, she stumbled down while alighting from the college- automobile. A very staid sprain attacked her right at the right ankle causing severe pain. The ache didn't allow her to touch the ground even. She at once leaned towards one side and a bush at the roadside acted as a provider for support. She in vain looked curiously for a recognizable aide to borrow some aid.

All of a sudden a three- wheeler rickshaw appeared before her, as if God had granted her wish. A glinting face peeped out of the rickshaw appealing her to enter. Anil, a third-year student of her own college happened to witness the incident. Having no other means to move, she nodded for his invitation. He made his exit as he had solely called the vehicle for her only. At the first sight itself, she was smitten with that handsome personality. Her eyes without her permission glanced round him through the corner. He was in light- blue faded denims that suited him fit.

“Which place,madam?” the auto-driver.
“To Plamood junction.” Speedily she replied, as if she woke-up from a deep thought.
She twisted her neck to Anil, ”Thank you.” And that she had overlooked in the midst of her thoughts.
“Welcome!” Anil.
The auto took to its wheels and Anil being trodden on , trod softly to his destination.

Asha’s uninvited guest, the sprain had totally spoiled their pilgrimage- pleasure, as they had to put it off for later.  Asha fretfully yearned for the reopening of her college because she had to be in lurking  for two more weeks. She found it difficult to erase the attractive face that got fretted in her mind’s canvas, though she was unaware of its owner’s attitude. While walking, eating, reading, sleeping and for everything and everywhere his eye-catching, mind- catching visage tagged along her. Unlike her previous state, where she was in friendship with the vacation and holidays, she sought to have college-days that time. She viewed the calendar for the reckoning days to go to college.

 She spent hours in front of the mirror. She tried hair-dos in numerous patterns herself. “I can’t discover a  well-accomplished style. I have to approach a beautician,” decided she.  
She was never the one, who held fascination greatly towards beauty-parlours. She herself was a little astonished on the strange aspect of her personality at that time. It was the first instance for her to enthrone in her mind a person of opposite sex. Finally the golden  college-days set in. She got equipped with the finest outfit, which she  had chosen on one of the previous days itself. On the reopening  day her eyes roamed everywhere in hunt of the VIP of her mind. Two three days got over crawling and crawling because Anil was not visible  anywhere..
“He may not be an inmate of this college. But his face seems quite familiar, as if he is reading for a degree  here,”  her inner sense dejectedly opened the folder of memory.

The fourth day she was  crossing the veranda to walk to the library, then suddenly the much-awaited bright countenance made its appearance just in front of her. A sudden current of inexplicable emotion flowed through her mind. She was perhaps nervous, but somehow she collected some courage and halted in front of him.

Very softly and sweetly she said, “ Hello!”
Anil too stopped his gait with an interrogative gaze.
“That day I didn't even  ask your name.In the midst of the strain of sprain I forgot that,” she continued.
“Eh… .But why, ….when?,”  casually he asked heeding less attention.
“Sorry, I got mistaken,” she walked away with an unfathomable gloominess in her condition. She fell in the sorriest phase and the deepest thoughts. Fast she walked past him.

She could hardly control  the tiers that built paths on her cheeks.In her life so far, there was little chance to be that much melancholic, as most of her wishes were fulfilled.Without uttering even a word she occupied one of the last seats in the college vehicle.She experienced a heaviness in her heart and head.However her locomotive organs propelled her to her residence. She hurled her college belongings to the bed and flung herself on them.

  Her mood stamped the ‘self’ in her as futile. She introspected , responded  and reiterated herself with numerous questions and replies.
 “What is extra-ordinary in you ? Are you that pretty to enmesh and drag a male person to your side?”
“No, not at all, I’m only an average living-being.”
“Why then or what the hell made you offer him a significant dwelling in the private corner of your mind.?”
None and nothing  penetrated into her mind. All the gayness evaporated and sadness filled the vacuum of her passion.Eventually she opened her mind in front of her amma(mother),who used to execute for her daughter exemplary guidelines.The latter without any laxity comprehended the matter. She came forward for  her daughter’s rescue and succour. On her mother’s affectionate  advice, Asha added together all the impressions about Anil and  she found the sum was a big zero.She realized then that he had contributed or communicated to her nothing verbally. The only thing he did would have been done by any philanthropist. And besides he might be in bondage also with someone else.

 “Mistake is on my part. I was weaving a dream out of no thread of his nod.. I built a palace of hope and enthroned him in it. Now I know to dethrone him also. No, I shouldn't lose courage. I should  ‘make hay while the sun shines’. My   strength  lies in my academic gains which I should perform with utmost earnestness and seriousness.” It was an unyielding decision from Asha.



  1. I hope you will allow me to say that a more careful choice of words and sentence could have enhanced the pathos in the plot.

    Wisdom often comes late when the heart is smitten .That is reflected in your story.

  2. Thank you for the suggestion. I knew that the words expressing pity were not enough.Two reasons-the horizon of my language capacity is not so wide and blogging I do in a hurry.So all the ideas that take root in my mind do not reflect here.

  3. You write very well. Forget Anil. Better future is waiting for Asha.

  4. thank you very much. I too hope so.

  5. Touching... I agree there are such instances in life...

    but as SG said... Asha shouls move on and look ahead to more beautiful future for herself!

  6. Thank you, me.yes, I'm also agreeable.

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  8. Please do no take any offence to my comment. You have the mind to plot a story , so I'm sure that regular writing and a fair bit of reading will enhance what you now see as a limitation. Just go ahead.We are all are amateurs and not great writers

  9. Thank you very much.I got offended not at all. I have certain constraints like lack of time, less number of glosses and more over I have a background of Science Discipline.My reading has to be restricted to news headlines and blog-posts.

  10. Forwarded!
    It only revealed to me that the
    'One who did not attain love is not the loser.
    The real loser is the one who attained love , yet could not sustain it'....

    And the winner is the 'one who loved without possessing'..... Nice one chechy! Keep posting!

    1. Exactly,Sree. Thank you for the comment.