Thursday, December 27, 2012

Receive, Reciprocate and Ruin not the Peace of Mind!


(Though this subject has been and is dealt with in various ways by a large number of people, I feel that it should be held enlightened for the adulthood-attaining adolescence.)

“God will not ask thy race, nor will he ask thy birth,
Alone he will demand of thee, what hath thou done on earth.”
These wise words sketch clearly the consequences of your deed on the monitor.
You will observe the soft copy of it today and you will obtain the hard copy in black and white  tomorrow.

You have only one motto in your life that you want to acquire material pleasure. Greed directs you to acquire the same through all the means your mind designs. Or in other words material pleasures take you to a land where virtues and values have vanished without leaving any traces even. To achieve this goal you manoeuvre to evacuate all the barriers that block your way. You generate hitches to radiate as chaos for raising a screen to hide your deed.  

You crave for worldly pleasures like flashing in posh cars, wearing highly- prized apparels, dwelling in palatial mansions, gobbling continental dishes in multi-starred inns etc. In the run of  achieving this goal, your beloved issues that hunger for your attention do not become visible to you.

Fiscal status being the pivot point of acceptance in the society, you rush for jobs that will fetch you a handsome salary of six digits ,seven digits etc. The ‘but’ that becomes prominent here is that high remuneration arrives at your residence with the company of higher targets from their companies. Successful completion your work does not pay you any recognition until, unless you  accomplish the stipulated periods of the targets. Targets are indirectly proportional to your tension., and now any shortcoming means the tension expands in magnitude. Tension and stress are twin siblings that the youths reproduce and rear even at the minutest hurdle in our days.

The globe rotates on its axis consisting of competitions, comparisons, contests  and so on. And its inmates revolve around the amounts of currencies which turn the seekers to be their slaves. You are ready to go to any extent to lick the legs of  your master, the money. The atrocities that take their births in the brains of you all are because of the craze for cash and kinds to lead a cozy  life. You hoard cash and currencies not only for yourselves but for your heirs also. Furthermore  in your offspring you visualize only professionals, despite their talent or flair. You turn your face away from their  attention-seeking wants for want of time on your part. Wealth rules over your every action. Money also gets a hold of its  comfortable settling in banks abroad in the nick name of stashed away cash. No need is there for revealing the source and identity of the person who is susceptible for the activity of concealing money like that.

Sarala                                                                    to be  contd.


  1. Ver st nicely written in good style.The real wealth is not in more possessions but in less wants

    1. Thank you. Yes, one should reduce the wants.

  2. Wish all of us could realize these things, life would become more simpler and enjoyable.

  3. The first sentence/para is something many must notice and ponder.
    You seem to be engaged in serious thinking.

  4. Contented mind is the path to true happiness.

    1. Thank you, yes,contentment is subjective.