Saturday, December 29, 2012

Receive, Reciprocate and Ruin not the Peace of Mind!



To heap up resources has grown to be the world’s order in one’s days. Accruing wealth embraces numerous martial arts and you very rapidly master them also. Cheating, chair-pulling, burglary, encroachment, exercising power, man-handling, militancy, devastating natural resources, deforestation, looting, bullying, hooliganism, encroachment, atmospheric pollution, liquor, drugs, abducting and  tormenting the children etc. open their shutters to the criminal minds of yours. The gangsters  exploit all the chances by even exterminating you from the planet, no matter may you be young or old; babe or parent, laddie or lassie. How many demises, murders and suicides powerfully dwell amidst people! No sign of  a last part to it.

You have only one life on earth, why to stockpile such a lot for you or your successors. Your aim may be political mileage or retention of your image. Of course currency may bring you political status among your sycophants. It does not win you others’ minds. Ten cycles of your future generations’ copious spending will not be able to excavate the bottom of the accumulated riches.

 The greed or misdeed of only one king or emperor suppressed you in the olden days. And currently all the ministers and elected members chain your freedom more than the wicked emperors did in the past. More than two terms for the ministers as well as the members of parliament and legislators turn the whole system prosaic. Let new people with newer ideas inhabit the houses of governance. ‘Craving for chair’ politics should be nipped in the bud itself. The dramas enacted by the foremost group of politicians are full of atrocious and vicious vistas .Musical chair, defection, begging and bagging vote for cash etc. are  some of the acts of the dramas acted out.

Why should such a lot of competitions be upheld? Why do you prefer to become no.1 and ubiquitous? Why to relinquish all your invaluable time that should be spent with your kith and kin? Only one life for you and therefore your job or engagements should not grab all your peace and calm. Why to have day and night exertion with seldom proviso for rest and recreation?

Choose the livelihood suiting your calibre and capability. Change your attitude befitting the aptitude. There should be no categorization as boss or subordinates.  You contribute the maximum of your ability sincerely and earnestly without worrying about the gain and profit. The result will fall into your hands. Do away with the greed for comforts and facilities. The earth and its resources belong to all, not for a few whose brain and brawn are cash-centric. Receive your share and reciprocate what you can for the good of others. Retain only that much which your family requires. Individuals have only one body to be sheltered. So steer clear of the desire for lying above the piles of treasure. You have only one tongue to help gulp the food. Of course this very organ can spoil and build your health and break and bridge your relationship.

Who has given you the power of ruining the sources and resources of nature’s wealth? For this short-time glory you are obliterating the harmony and serenity of your  future generations may be for ever. Since you cannot provide life, you are none to take away lives. If you travel on the wings of Gandhiji’s weapons-Ahimsa and non-violence-you can claim or proclaim that paradise is not lost or regained the lost paradise. And hence maa  nishaada…

 Your one life if you make the most of its use for swabbing the vices away  and  receiving and reciprocating the virtues, what an excellent world that refuges you would be!

Sarala                                                                       the end.


  1. ...The lesson continued!
    Nothing to dispute. A Gandhi said , "there is enough for one's need but not for one's wants".
    Since the want is relative to the person , often we see the need transforming want and insatiable.

  2. I think avidity is the root cause of problems.

  3. Truly said....a deep thought very well conveyed!