Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Charismatic Landscape!

The landscape of beauty
seems appreciably cute
is the celestial clouds
on the superb umbrella
 of  the mother earth
 with lanes, roads and plants
in a feel, picturesque.
If observes, one, on a strip,
one imagines birds and beasts,
 butterflies and bats
that move about and fly
in rhythm slowly
humming a seemingly
 soundless  music.

With curiosity, one watches
wooded area of oaks, jacks,
conifers, coconuts
 pines and palms
 and bushes of many kinds
amid, sizes and  shapes
  unique and  special.

somewhere the clouds
in bright or dark clad
look like forests
 serving the animal hosts
having  light or dense
man groves, catching fire,
glances at, one, without
     any suspicion.

Oh! What a painting, splendid
 and itself speaking poetical
high about its splendour
and, on the top with its majesty
is the scene from the sky
to enchant  and enslave
    the  beauty-watchers.

Ah! It is the creator
Artist’s aesthetic effort
that He has spray-painted
in vermillion of twilight
from the colours' palette
And He has  the gold dust
   sprinkled at dusk.

He has used fine brushes
of setting sun’s rays
that brilliantly applied
the final touch and altered
the areas needed
to give it a divine
 outer shell.



  1. Replies
    1. Thank you very much.The sky at dusk is really enchanting.

  2. Beautiful. Very professional.

  3. Thank you S.G.Really I experience this.

  4. Beautifully written. Everyday we are witness to lots of wonderful creations by God, if only we would pause a while to look at them.

    1. thank you, exactly we come across the woderful creations of God.

  5. You have expressed the beauty of nature nicely:)