Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Onam-fly

The translation of my previous post in Malayalam

Onam moon-light and Onam fly
Run serenely to the track of gala.
Minds of people are euphoric
To welcome the reverent  Maveli.

Girls all, form your gaggle-group,
Go , pick the basket from loft.
Pluck the flowers you love the most
For  the *‘pookkalam’ of your home.

Fasten a swing on a mango bough
And sway and twirl you, merrily there.
Swinging and singing in Onam days
 Really wipes your grief off full.

Rivers two of popular nature
In* ‘Aranmula’ and ‘Payippad’
Take pleasure, plenty with people
In  the boat-race run by natives.

The gush of Onam’s  sweet  smelling scent,
The gust of wind here daintily spreads.
*Utraadam  and Tiruvonam spot
Holy reception of  royal God.

*1‘pookkalam’-Floral decoration in front of the house.
*‘Aranmula’ and ‘Payippad’- The names of two rivers in which  boat races of Onam take place.
*Utraadam and Tiruvonam- Days are known after the Malayalam names of stars.


  1. Thanks for the excellent poem. Those boat races are super. Love those races.

  2. I love your description of the beautiful small things of life which otherwise would have gone unnoticed.

  3. Wow! really beautiful, how you form your words.