Wednesday, September 25, 2013

If Only You Were Here!

“O! How dark is the sky, just like a dense jungle devoid of even fire-flies? Au! What is looming yonder? Is it a man? Oh! No, it grows gigantically emitting a feeble light. God! Is it advancing towards me?”

 I put the shutters of my eyes tightly.  None was around me. Body turned ice-cold. Panic swallowed me . Tongue hid somewhere. Heart-beat spoiled the terrified silence. Body trembled violently furnishing a tremor around.

 “If only you were here”, I thought about husband. I felt a snail crawling on my visage. I opened the eye-lids. My kid’s kiss.  A dream.I smiled.




  1. Thank you,Partha,Ushaji,Anil and SG for your encouraging comments.Somehow by mistake l got them deleted.