Saturday, September 14, 2013

Truly Alive!

 A mini story

The verdict shows the ethics have not expired, but truly alive in this soil. Raju, the nineteen-year-old was one among the hosts of youngsters recurrently visited Bhavani amma .

Bhavani amma’s hand and tongue performed for the youngsters’ tongue and ear. A childless educated, old widow with a massive bank-balance could do what other than tuning to eating and chatting with the equivalents of grand children.
Food, politics, movies, serials etc. journeyed through their mouths. Parents kept objection nix, since their offspring   didn’t dawdle after lass and liquor.

Alas! Raju’s   greed for luxury concluded Bhavani amma’s life-story. He was condemned and convicted for life-imprisonment.



  1. A touching story. Likked it very much, Sarala

  2. I couldn't understand it fully..
    though I could comprehend it's about morality that lies with in.. am I right ?

    1. Thank you, Jyoti. Yes, wrong doers should be punished in a deserving way. Then only the morality will be alive.

  3. yes right punishment is required not beating