Saturday, September 5, 2015

Vasu’s Onam!

This is the version of my last Malayalam Poem.It comprises the anguish of a child who gets bored when he has to use his pal's old clothes even for festivities..

Reached around, the festival Onam,
the Onam-sabbatical children enjoy.
flowers they gather in scattered groups
and ready is ‘Pookkalm’ in front compound.  
Vasukuttan dreamt a reverie,
a reverie of wearing a shirt, bought new.
Made he also a ‘pookkalam’ all set
in front of the hut his father built. 
Chellan had saved a little for Onam,
cooked Thanka the family’s petite feast.
Vasukuttan ate no food, whining aloud
for this year’s new shirt that father promised last year.
Having some irksome feelings ten-year-old Vasu
leaning to the mud-wall sat and slowly slipped to sleep.
Keep the promise his parents could not;
 instead brought they his buddy Ajayan’s garb.

Till now old one he wore with no grumble at all,
but has he currently sure yen for a new wear.
“All his mates roam and rove in new attire,
another’s worn one only our dear one has.”
Father Chellan’s heart bled very badly,
mother Thanka’s mind stiff stifled,
angst choked their feeble chest and
tear-drops rolled and drenched cheeks.

Vasu gradually woke-up from doze,
a rapid reflection stroked his mind.
“Poor my parents can’t buy new clothes;
always they earn money meager.”
 “Achcha*, Amma*, worry you need not
‘study I will well for a good job
 and I will fetch a lot of riches
 and I will stand erect in future.”

Achcha*  -father
Amma8 -mother



  1. Hari OM
    A blessed Onam to you Sarala - and what a sweet remembrance that not all have what is required. YAM xx

  2. Hope Vasu's dream come true. Happy Onam to you and your family.

  3. Thats a sweet boy theres... May his promises and dreams come true...

  4. A wonderful piece of prose...really transported me there

  5. This is a beautiful tale ... loved it :-)