Thursday, September 10, 2015

Multi-hued Foliage!

(Here I have taken foliage in general, not Autumn Foliage.Image from google.)


In bridal wear is
The maid Earth; adorn her dress,
 Blooms and foliage.

Steal our sight sure, her 
Multi-hued designs on dress.
Eyes we take out not.

Doubles her beauty
 Her array's prints of leaves with
Hues  and blooms much cute.

 At her the groom, Sun
Winks and beams; coyly batting
 Eyes she twists and rocks.

Sides with Wind Moon; he
Eclipses Sun from Earth, brings
 Dark angst in her mind.

 Envies Wind Sun; blows
 Away her Sari , holds she
 It tight  and sets right.



  1. Hari Om
    Heheheh, lovely images, but that last one really made me smile!!! YAM xx

  2. earth as bride..lovely thought:)

  3. Loved it! The first few verses are enough to take out my paints and brushes:-)
    Most welcome for your morning walks through my paintings, that is very generous of you to say that, thank you!

  4. That's vividly, colorfully painted in words

  5. You have written in such a way that your words come together like a painting :)

  6. With Earth as bride and Sun as groom you've written it well. Nice poem! :)