Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Had I Looked Back!


“W..h…y..?” a feeble sound crawled out of a warped

skeletal body with wrinkled skin and sunken eyes.

“Ingratitude had blind-folded me to understand your hardships.” 

“We can’t erase..  our… destiny,”

“ Had I looked back, I wouldn't have  done so. You struggled a lot to see me with stethoscope.”

 “Be.. with… your spree... I am.. contented. This old man’s concern... is his daughter…. Sha..rry.”

“ I was after the riches of that witch  Ramya who ditched me.“ I want your concurrence to marry Sharry,  a real gem.” 
“Isn't ..she..  a misfit for..a doctor?”

 “Yes,I am a misfit,nor are you a gem,”Sharry.



  1. Nice story. I have a question. Does he want to marry Sharry out of gratitude for his uncle? But do not love her?

  2. Thank you,SG. Not only that, but he learned a lesson also from Ramya and understood the goodness in Sharry.

  3. This is sho shoryy sho happy:)