Friday, November 8, 2013

Nomination for an Award

    Dear Madam,
I am really indebted to you for having been nominated for an award. But the fact is that I was nominated earlier also for this award(Leibster Award). Nevertheless I like the questions you have asked here and so I would answer them in my own little way.
      1 Why do you write?
       2 Why did you start blogging?
      3 What do you prefer, love marriage or an arranged marriage? Why?
      4 Does Politics interest you? Give reasons.
     5 Which is your favourite  TV programme?
    6 Three things which are most important for you in life? 
    7 Which is your favourite News Paper?
     8 At what age a child can be given sex education?
    9 Which character has influenced you most in a novel? Why?
    10. Which country do you wish to live forever?

And the answers go thus 

1.       I write because some ideas are born in the womb of my thoughts and they come out to the open providing me fun and fancy.
2.    I wanted to see my ideas in the cradle of some platform and this is an apt one for amateurs like me.
3.    A successful marriage of any kind.
4.     Not at all that of the present. The politicians believe in a governance of them, for them and by them only! Only! And only.
5.    Music programmes. Home makers also may be offered chances.
6.    Legal birth, proper life and peaceful death. 
7.    Well it is ‘Mathrubhoomi’.  
.  . A pointed answer does not emerge from me. At the onset of adolescence a child                   should learn about the body parts and functions; and sex oriented class should enter the mind only after sixteen.
    'Mini’,her father and Kaboolivalla in Kaboolivalla.
. India. India is my country and all Indians except my hubby are my brothers and sisters……….