Monday, March 24, 2014

The Fabergé Egg!

 A story has to be developed on the prompt given.


450px-Faberge_egg ‘The £20m Fabergé egg that was almost sold for scrap.
A scrap metal dealer bought an ornament to be melted down for its gold - until he read a Telegraph article revealing it to be a £20 million Fabergé egg. The  Prompt.
(A Fabergé egg (Russian: Яйца Фаберже́; yaytsa faberzhe) is one of a limited number of jeweled eggs created by Peter Carl Fabergé and his company from 1885 to 1917.[1] The most famous of the eggs are the ones made for the Russian Tsars Alexander III and Nicholas II as Easter gifts for their wives and mothers, often called the 'Imperial' Fabergé eggs. About 50 eggs were made, and 43 have survived.[2] Another two were planned for Easter 1918, but because of the Russian Revolution were not delivered.
After the Revolution, the Fabergé family left Russia (see House of Fabergé). The Fabergé trademark has been sold several times since, and several companies have retailed egg-related merchandise using the Fabergé name. The trademark is now owned by Fabergé Limited, which makes egg-themed jewellery.[3])  From Wikipedia.
Now read the story……..

John, the lone son of Mr. and Mrs. Xavier found fun in sowing in his compound, the seeds of whatever he ate. It was his fond hobby to lurk for the shoot of the seeds, which he thought to come up the next day itself. So the next day he would visit the venue. Most of his holidays after his sixth grade exam persuaded him to be with his spade that dug pits for his seeds. He also used to dig out the soil to examine the growth of the seed. Desperation averted him not at all from further trials. He also rejoiced at the company of cows that browsed in the meadows. The cowhand was a playing hand in his venture.

               One day his spade produced a clinking sound and in amazement he dug again. A twinkling round thing somewhat like a ball, embedded with jewels of luminous colours lay covered with mud there. He ripped it up and imagined playing with the new toy. As he kicked it with his left leg, he got hurt. Uttering an interjection ha! He threw it away. The bang of that heavy thing brought his parents’ presence there.

“Why did you expose this? I had kept it concealed there. Burglary is in its active mode now,” father, Xavier rebuked him.
“What is that? I have never seen such a thing with you so far,” mother to father with the tint of affection for the son in words.
“I procured it for our deal of scraps. A day or two before only an elderly woman sold it to me. But a telegraphic message informed me that it is worth several millions of rupees. It is an invaluable antique piece.”
“Several millions!” astonishingly mother.
“Yea, but I have to guarantee myself about its accuracy. Let me meet someone who can help me. Mr. Mathews from the Archeology department brought him at home about the thing.”

Xavier got all his doubts clarified. Actually it was one of the Faberge Eggs, presented to the King of Jaipur  by the Russian Tsar at that time .It was really a gleaming item with stunning stones like dazzling white diamonds, glittering gold beads, radiant rubies, joy-generating jades, eye-catching emeralds, sparkling sapphire  and the like. The egg rolled and rolled from hands to hands and finally reached an old lady of Kerala, who was oblivious of its antique value. She sold it to the scrap dealer for its metal price.

“If we sell it for the original value we don’t have to work anymore. Our days forward will see us in colossal bungalows with all sorts of cozy- comfy life style. Some crazy rich men will be ready to hurl any sum of money over it,” Xavier.

John jumped with joy. His legs darted around his domicile.  He found no bound to his delight.  His mind was all set to benefit from the god-given gift. He imagined riding a car full of luxuriant items. He reached a multi-star hotel which he had glimpsed only in movies. The table in front of him with his favourite edibles invited him filling his mouth with saliva. He relaxed on the most comfortable bed in his palace-like mansion.

  Xavier, having the sign of a firm gaze fixed at john’s face, “Son, darling, we should not go after the dangerous monster, money. It may turn us to be Satanic. We may overlook the way to be travelled, the duties to be performed, the ethics to be followed and the persons to be revered. Pride and impertinence will be our face value. Our group may keep themselves aloof from us and vice versa also.  We will be cheerful only in our own men’s midst.  The money earned without sweating will not last long. So we’ll vend it at a reasonable rate with a reasonable profit .Let us do away with the greed of amassing money with it. The pecuniary gain due to hard work is always charming. Let’s not lose the tranquility of our life, prevalent here. ”

 This resolution led the Xaviers to heave sigh, o! A sigh of relief.



  1. Did they conclude that quick? Perhaps the son was a tough nut and was not easy to be brought around?

  2. Yes, but he was brought up with value instructions by his parents who stood for hard-earned wealth.Than k you.

  3. Valuable lesson at the end :)