Saturday, March 15, 2014

People! ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­

­People! ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ 
People, the word designates the two-legged animals that can talk and laugh, that can complain and envy others, that can hurt and harm others, that can deceive and trouble others etc, etc. These animals are different each one from the others in size, shape, age, colour, category nature, character, habit and habitat. What I intend to express here is the consequences of the increase in number, the population expansion and thereby explosion.

Among Mother Earth’s progeny China and India stand highly out sized. They are the most populous countries on the Globe. Of course they own a power, the man-power, unparalleled with that of the others. So they can well celebrate their population, can’t they?As everything has a gleaming side and a gloomy stage this subject is no exception.First let  me occupy the luminous  area.

More people mean more new blood and brawn, more young brains and ideas and more work force and productivity. They all contribute to the growth and development of their mother countries. The mother countries can take pleasure in the effort of their broods with a view to bringing progress for all. When requirement arises some or other members will be sure apparent and accessible. So in a way constraints will be less or can be cut-short. Watching or viewing the folks, action-packed is really an enthusiastic entity. Large families form the assets of their parent-countries.

The state of a large family, filled with noise of diminutives’ will no doubt be mind-rending. The sound of playing,  laughing, moving, eating, fighting, hitting, complaining, giggling, sleeping etc will definitely create a merry-making environment. The oldsters of the family forget their dotage when their minds start running after the youngsters. The word boredom will not get any chair in that house. Everywhere one can see pleasure clapping with joy.

Everything will be well and pleasing, if the families are affluent in fulfilling their needs; whereas families with poor riches can’t even smell any bliss. They are always on their heels to find means to meet both the ends. Such families populate these countries without any planning. A sword of Damocles hangs on the head of the peony families’ days forward.

Therefore India (China-long back) began executing a line of control over the productivity of Homo sapiens in human factories. When India stood for two offspring, China opted for only one. And this line of control limited the production in family factories to a point.  Now China has chosen to traverse a step backwards by letting the families to have two in their offspring list.

In India, the government has totally forgotten the rungs of population preventive campaign. The government people have only one goal gain chair and power through any mucky means. So they have bidden bye to the goal of birth control. They have also extinguished the jingle ‘We two and for us two’ and it has become extinct leaving no relics. Augmentation in population amplifies the vote rate, fixing the chair of power firm. The rulers get their yen won.

Recently the fanatic priests have taken a long leap to the field of campaigning for birth-increase. They want to expand and propagate their religions.  They are really saps in the sense that they don’t even think about the health-sapping mothers’ pitiable condition. Will they appoint or act as domestic helps for those mothers? Who will look after the elder kids in large nuclear families? Their academics, co-academics, health, creativity, recreations and everything will go astray without the help of mothers who linger in frequent pregnancy. And if anything untoward or unpleasant happens with the parents, will the priests become foster parents? If the number is less, at least some philanthropists may extend aid for the diminutives.
You may ask about the big families in the olden times. True, but they used to live in unison as joint families where intricacies were nil or narrow in child-rearing. Members other than mothers readily did the upbringing of elder toddlers. More or less the density of population was tolerable to Mother Nature.

If their religion proliferates as the fanatics yearn, can they conquer the entire country or Universe? No, never. Expanse of beliefs isn’t a criterion for reigning over the world. And also those people or their successors cannot or will not experience that in their life-time. All the people irrespective of any community take such a stand if, what will be the upshot?
People will have to strive for mastering the art of living.  Pulling and pushing for livelihood will become their games. Thrashing, stabbing, shooting and so on will be there in their daily exercises. Stealing and snatching of others belongings will turn as sheer fun. Massacre, stampede etc will not be uncommon and will go unobserved.

 People will have to struggle for their body-size space to dwell here.  These highly inflammable martial arts will burn spreading spark among even their kith and kin. The very meaning of dear and near will be lost in this soil. Infighting will burst into an exultant laughter.

It will be very much unfair if the environs’ slaughter is not made discernible here. It shouldn't be kept covert in dark. Mother Nature will be looted by exploiting the material blessings-water, sand and soil, rock and stones and flora and fauna- she has kept in store for us. Survival of not the fittest, but the supremacy of Nature’s assassins’ will crop up in this soil.  The Homo sapiens will prove no sapient ways to protect and preserve the nature’s treasure for his and his progeny’s tomorrows.

The earth cannot stretch and the resources cannot enhance, but will diminish in fact. Result dearth of food, water, garb and even air (Oxygen will scarce because of smoke and carbon dioxide).Nature will not bear all these carnages like a silent sufferer. She will sort out means to exercise her ferocity on her roguish sons. She will use the sticks of deluge, surge, earthquake, tornado, tsunami etc for that reason to punish her mischievous offspring. Regardless of the admonition and caution from the savants, people do things thoughtlessly. They exhibit all sorts of martial arts for their momentary gains.

So to curb the rouse of such ante-social situations, curtail the unscientific population-growth, through proper planning. Cultivate values here. Small families with high values will reform the society. Protect villages from becoming populaces. ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­You will have time enough to guide and lead your dear child through paths successful, if the number of issues is less.  You can pour the molten minds to logically designed moulds to obtain the coveted outline.



  1. Excellent article. It is people have to change by themselves. We cannot enforce any "law" for this. They can do that in China because it is a dictatorship. India is a democratic country. Also, there should be one uniform law for the entire country and no separate laws for different religions.

  2. True,SG .In a democratic country all should enjoy equal rights, no majority-minority discrimination and so single civil code should come in force.Thank you,very mch.

  3. Superb article. Hey you there in whatsapp? Let me know ur contact no. So that we can connect.

  4. Thank you,dear. I am not there in whats-app, since I am busy like a worker bee.I am the 'CEO' of my cuisine which lurks for my orders. Thank you much for inviting me.

  5. ohhh very nice dear. give me ur email id. we can share some writings and our ittle worold of words through that.

  6. World will be a better place without the latter folks that you mentioned -man. I guess it must have been much peaceful when dinosaurs were roaming around.

  7. Times are changing and so are people's priorities. But there is a clash with what people have and how they are versus what they think they should have and they think they are. Wonderfully articulated Sarala.