Monday, March 31, 2014

Annoyance! (A)

(A to Z blog Challenge. For


'Ham tere bin ab reh nahii sakte
Tere bina kyaa wajood meraa..'..

She scurried for the phone.



“Madam,  please tell me the way to your house. I am from the courier service.”
“O! Sure. From the National high way,  turn to the N.P road and go straight and  we stay at the dead end.”

After an hour a young man handed over a packet addressed in her name. It was a big one, sized somewhat 10’’x 10’’x 10’’.

“A parcel for me! What must be inside? Who will send me a gift?”
Savita passed her vision through the sender’s address. Unfamiliar, both the person and the details! No idea.
 She had placed herself on the chair near the window. Then the dial-song from her cell disturbed her calm.
 Actually she was enjoying the procession of different varieties of vehicles with a variety of colours and sizes on the road in front of her residence.  Some vehicles did break the order, the slightest gap the largest automobiles occupied to overtake others, throwing the entire traffic to turmoil.

 The exams were over by that time and so she felt the days were halcyon. Weather seemed to be comfortable, as the heat of the exam had subsided.  She wanted to open the packet in a furtive manner, though she had no information about any gift or giver.

Nosiness travelled over her hand to examine the content of that packet. So she took the packet to her study and kept on the table above her 11th grade text books. She came out to survey the surroundings. Her hap had helped her. None was present there; mother busy in her kingdom, the kitchen and father with his friend, the news paper.

Ensuring her absence from others’ sight she entered her world, the study room. She undid the packet to find a cardboard box. Inside that another packet, again inside another one and after unfastening three or four packets and wrappers she found a card at the bottom of the packet-box.

As she was about to haul it up from the cardboard box, a pair of hands masked her visage from behind. She under duress towed apart the hands and turned back in ire to see the person who irked her. It was Apurv, her babyhood friend, whose presence she always yearned for. No sooner did she hide the packet-box under a news paper lying there than he snatched it from her.

Despite all her resistance he seized the card from the packet. On the visible side there was a painting.  She got annoyed with Apurv’s all these acts including his intrusion into her secrecy at that time. But her natural fervor forced her to look into it.

Apoorv turned the card, divulging the script on it, ‘April Fool!’

“Today is April 1st; somebody has fooled you, sure.”

Suddenly something clicked her mind. With mirth on the face she said, “I know the person, come on I’ll take you to him.”

  She turned his ear in 3600 and burst out into laughter, “You… devil! Used a pseudonym,didn't you.”

  Tickling hilarity filled the room.


  1. hehe April fool fun never seems to get lost on people :D


  2. I enjoyed the story, especially the line about, "Mother in her kingdom, the kitchen." Perhaps I'll make the kitchen my kingdom. Ha! I also like to write. You can see some of my writing snippets on my blog if you'd like. This A to Z thing is pretty fun. It's my first time to participate.

  3. Ha ha nicely done Sarala, apt post for April 1st :)

  4. Nice story on April Fool's day.