Sunday, March 2, 2014

Maalu’s Mango Tree!

Sowed, Malu, the child,
 A mango seed in soil,
Nurtured it, she,
 Well with care and love.
And every day stood, she watching i.
 Chucked, the seed
The shoot one day.

The sprout, at the marvel
 Of the wide world 
 Astonished to a degree high,
Batted and blinked
 His eyelids in awe
At the glistening glitter
 And glister of the globe.
Rains with shower bath,
Wind with lilting lullabies
Night with loving
Strokes to put him in sleep,
And Uncle Sun with rouse call,
  Pampered and patted
 Him softly and gently.
Zephyr fondled him
 In soothing mood,
Birds in style performed
Ballets really stunning.
Puberty in time hugged him
 And the plant flaunted
 Prettiness in plenty.

Blossoms in ample measure
 Blessed largely the Mango tree
And adolescence, the regent,
 Clinched the girl amorously.
 Loomed lovely flowers
Giving rise to fruit with charming hues
 Spreading sacrosanct fragrance.

Dangling bunches of fruit
And broad branches of tree
No doubt glorified all the beings.
Malu viewed her beloved tree
That glorified others also fully
And magnetized highly
Her very being there.

 The enamored friends
 Malu and Madhu,
Sat there chatting under the tree.
Woes and hopes
 As covert ideas
Took their travel
 From mind to mind.

Baffled one day at
 The crowd in gloom
Surrounding all the kin in abode
Heard she from people
Some echoing whisper,
 Of very low voice
 In the encasing environs.

Ha! Lay motionless
Her very dear granny,
Tried, she in vain and vain
To erase all her gloom.
Talks of felling the tree for pyre
Rumbled and moved in air
From the elderly mouths present.
“O! Chop not my beloved tree,
Ch.o..p  n.o..t.”
She bawled at the losses
Of deeply-loved granny and tree.
“Helping others is my mission,  
Use me, let the bereaved, and
 ‘Rest in Peace’ the deceased,"said the tree


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