Thursday, April 3, 2014

Coconuts! (C)


(A to Z blog Challenge. For

When I thought of ‘C’ a good many ‘C’s rushed into my mind. Calf, crescendo, chivalry, cooking, clock, cock, cane, camel and numerous such ‘C’s’ in a queue loomed before me. Being a female I thought cooking is apposite here (women’s lib people may pardon me). Then being a resident of Cochin I went for the ‘C’, ‘Crossing on Kochi Roads’. As I was about to start it ‘Coconut’ stood tall in front of me. At once I climbed a coconut tree to pluck some coconuts for this dish. I don’t know how far relishing this dish would be.

As this tree’s very name ‘Coconut’ indicates ‘co’ it is a co-dweller in Kerala’s all typical dishes. The name, Kerala has come from this tree for the southernmost state of India. Keram in Kerala’s language (Malayalam) means coconut and hence Kerala is the land of coconut.

Actually the word cocos means a grinning face i.e. the three eyes on its shell give it the appearance of a smiling face. So its nomenclature ‘Coconut’ appeared on the screen of naming. It is a palm tree without branches, usually found in tropical areas.

In Kerala it is called ‘Kalpavriksha’ which signifies that all its parts will fulfill our needs and( vriksha is tree). So this entire tree is of high use and utility for the Keralites. Its root and trunk are the best logs that kindle the oven in traditional Kerala kitchen. The furniture made and moulded from the coconut timber overpowers the other types in trendy looks.

Leaves kindle fast in kitchen or any oven, shade the passersby and roof conventional houses and fence the land of farmers. The sticks of pinnate leaf form the brooms that faithfully clean your home and compound.

The fruit that has husk, fibres, shell and kernel serve the mankind without any failure. The husk and fibres give birth to ropes that shape into your door mats, mats and carpets to protect your feet and floor. Shell is a very good fuel to light up flames. Well the snow white kernels make your mouths salivate. Tender coconut, a fine thirst-quencher will lug you towards it, if once you have come within the reach of it.

The oil that the dried kernel has kept in store for us transform your food to more appetizing. Many parts are substitutes for or ingredients of medicines and cosmetics in addition.

And more over its scented sweet flowers sanctify the holy festivities and decorate the vicinity when other important festivals loom around.  So it is a tree of life ratifying most of your necessities.

Nowadays this highly priced tree and its parts have become priceless in the sense that its use has risen endlessly in factory horizons.
Coconut stands straight, erect majestically holding the head high as nature’s scepter. Let us salute this tree for it is our life tree.


  1. Oh yes! The sweet taste of coconut water in sweltering summers is bliss! Such a nice post about the unassuming Coconut that contributes so much to an Indian's everyday life.

  2. Lovely writing ! I am surrounded by coconut trees in South Florida and you have given me a beautiful new way to think of them ! #a2zchallenge great to connect ! I am #1547

  3. Never knew that Kerala got its name from coconut Sarala. I diligently use coconut oil to nourish my hair :)

    1. Yes,it is the land of Keram(coconut).Thank you,Reshma.

  4. Yummm... One thing I have to say--I once tried coconut water because I love, love, love coconuts. It tasted bitter to me. Maybe I just chose a bad brand, but shouldn't it taste sweet?

  5. Coconut water is sweet and refreshing.It is full of minerals and it contains de-oxidant also.Thank you,Stephanie.