Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Being with Everything! (B)

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What or who can remain with everything or every being in this Universe? It is a ‘She’ who can go and get blended with any sort of animate or  inanimate articles in this world .This ‘She’ is totally unbiased as by her, her acknowledgment is given to all categories of beings and objects in the world. She shares her essence with everybody, even if the amount may not be that tantamount. She can stay with the privileged as well as the poor; with the high executives as well as the low grade workers; with the oldies as well as the youths, with males as well as the females and with blacks as well as the whites. She also moves in the amity of bees, birds and beasts and trees, shrubs and weeds. She can reside in harmony with sun, moon and stars; sky, sea and valleys and even worms, insects and water creatures.She dwells in mansions and at the same time in slums also.

She is the one who has etched spots and dots on butterflies. She is the one who has imprinted stripes and patches on snakes and she is the one who has done dying on plants and blooms. Aha! What all wonders she has done on living and nonliving?  So the halo of her magnetism is sense d everywhere in everything by everyone. So let’s see who she is. She is the one who is fond of all and all are fond of her. She is none but everybody’s comrade the very ‘Beauty’ and let us feel her charisma underneath.

 The  Beauty!

Which is the very word
Beautiful most in this world?
Why to burn, thoughts yours,
Beautifully choose the word ‘Beauty! ’.

The hands of beauty gather signals
To stop the woe of their persons well
And adroitly strokes they obtain
 As balm for pains to rub on strains.

The beauty fascinatingly forms
The shade in nature on her things ,
Adding hues in ways of miracle,
 And smearing in a method magical.

The fine brush of amazement
The maestro, Nature, for amusement,
Has used  for feel on final beauty 
For explicit elegance and exquisite deal.

Designed she has delightfully, the garb,
Of the flower, fly, plant and herb.
Aha!  How brilliant are the feathers,
The peacocks royal proudly possess.

O! Graciously are the manes grand ,
That own well the kings of forests.
Seas and peaks and sand and soil
Rejoice in their splendor; turmoil nil.

O! Beauty, we fall for you and
In thrill we dance without our will.
On the earth’s entire treasures,
 Prettiness lies in plenty measures.

  How arid will the earth appear
 Without this appeal so enthralling?
 Let us elude its calm-ruining mess;
Ugliness too has, on scrutiny, its charm.


  1. You project beauty as a medium , as a noun that is in existence and not as a perception. I have my own reservation about that.
    Your write up prior to the verse is good.

  2. Lovely emotions... the flow of poetry flows through..

    Band Baaja Baraat

  3. Beauty Which, is the very word
    Beautiful most in this world?
    beautifully written

  4. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder indeed!! And Nature is the beauty of all beauties, wonderfully worded poem Sarala :)